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  1. So what is the consensus on Josh Jacobs ROS value?
  2. Being on 2 at half time is concerning. Is Amari in sell high status at the moment?
  3. This will probably sound dumb but why are some players quick add and some go to waivers?
  4. Just a heads up for anyone interested, the NRL (National Rugby League) grand final is on this weekend for anyone interested. This is the Australian rugby league comp. These are the two best teams in rugby league versing each other so if you want to give this foreign sport a try this is the weekend to do it. Rugby League is a game similar to NFL but played at the pace of the NBA. For more details head to nrl.com
  5. Demarcus Robinson looking alright out there.
  6. I’m new to NFL fantasy and don’t follow the game heaps (I’m from Australia). Why is Henry ranked so highly when he is scoring 2 TDs and still only getting 19 points?
  7. I’m thinking of trading Jacobs. What RBs would you put above him?