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  1. Thanks. I hate to bench a possible WR1, but it is a tough call. Same thing for my other league with making the call to bench Jacobs for Bernard because of matchups.
  2. PPR league. I have Amari Cooper in my flex, but a tough matchup, offensive line changes, and 70% chance of rain with Dalton throwing the ball, I am leaning towards starting Higgins or Gibson over him. Higgins has a decent matchup with Cleveland, and Gibson is playing the Cowboys in a matchup that will allow more running than throwing, and he could get his most carries in a game today. Any help is appreciated.
  3. A lot of people are scared to start Anderson against the Bears. Ridley had the best game against them as a #1 WR (5 for 110, but 63 of that was from 1 catch). They have also played D. Jones, Stafford (w/o Golladay), and turnover Rivers. So, the sample size of how "great" their defense is this year is very small. I don't like Dalton as a QB, so I like Godwin, AJ Brown, and Anderson. This is coming from a guy who also has Cooper.
  4. PPR league. Am I crazy starting Antonio Gibson over Amari Cooper in my flex? My lineup: Goff CEH, Gurley Adams, AJ Brown Waller Gibson/Cooper
  5. I like Evans, Golladay, and Robinson. I do like Claypool, but that one game doesn't make me want to start him over those 3.
  6. DJ Moore against a good Chicago defense, who may shadow Anderson more Hollywood is turning it around Lamb with Dalton Lindsay is getting the start with Gordon out
  7. I was hit hard with Dak going down last week and I have Herbert as my new starter. I need a steamer for this week. Leaning towards Cousons due to the matchup, but Goff hasn't been terrible this year. Dalton has the weapons, but I still am having old Bengal memories, even if he has all of the Cowboys weapons.
  8. I've been rolling with Brady as my QB this season except for one game I played Tannehill in week 2. Minshew and Herbert are both available. Should I: 1. Risk it with Brady tonight against the Bears 2. See if the Titans are playing on Sunday and go with Tannehill against the Bills possibly without some WRs 3. Drop Tannehill for Minshew (vs. Hou) or Herbert (vs. NO)
  9. All 4 are available. I am leaning towards Higgins. My only issue is my RB depth. I have Zeke, A.Jones, Carson, and Bell. I'm dropping Jeff Wilson for the add. WR's are Moore, Lamb, D.Johnson, Hollywood, M.Jones.
  10. MVS is still floating on waivers. Should I drop Marvin Jones and add MVS? Je hasn't produced this year, so should I pick up the newly #2 WR for Rodgers over the #2 WR for Stafford?
  11. I agree. What is the rest of your team?