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  1. So the actual quote involved "getting a low-end RB1 or even a high-end WR2". But the WR2 was the part that got cropped out in a lot of posts and it apparently colored my recollections. In my view a "high-end" WR2 is somewhere in the Mclaurin, A Rob, Cooper range. I do not trade him for that. Different people have different valuations and many of us will be wrong. I thought RoJo earned a bit of a leash as the clear starter after 3 100+ games--I was sorely mistaken. JRob IS currently a high end RB1 (just outside the top tier), you can argue that he isn't, but the statistics say that he is. I don't see him finishing the season worse than a low-end RB1, and I wouldn't entertain giving up an RB1 for any receiver who wasn't in the top-6 range (the only WR outscoring him on a ppg basis are Davante Adams, Tyler Lockett and Adam Thielen). I didn't have enough auction $ to draft two RB1's on my team, but I'm happy to slot my WW free agent pre-week1 pickup in the #2 slot behind CMC and have two RB1 on my team for the price of one.
  2. This may be, but he is still worth considerably more than the WR2 people are saying here that we should be happy to get. I don't particularly care for the Baltimore game, but the Bears one doesn't scare me as much. I worry more about game script taking him out of play than I do his inability to produce against a tough matchup. The Chargers were supposed to be a really tough matchup--enough so that I almost started Gibson instead (wouldn't have been a bad play either I guess). He obviously shined in that game. Chicago doesn't have the offense to blow the Jaguars out of the game, so I would feel confident rolling out JRob against them.
  3. Yes. He is THE RB2 for non-PPR and THE RB6 for points per game. There's a 4 ppg gap between him and the top tier of RB and there is a 1 ppg gap between him and the rest of the pack who are all separated by a few tenths of a point. RB scoring more points per game than JRob in non-PPR? CMC, Kamara, Cook, Henry, Jones. Even if he falls back to the pack a bit he's still a clear RB1. If no one else respects him as a RB1 that's not my problem. I play him as my RB2, I'm not trading him for a WR2--he has more value to keep. Even if you thought he was a RB2, RB2's are more valuable than a WR2 in most formats (especially a RB2 that has good hands and gets the receptions) and he would clearly be a high level RB2. Trading him for a WR2 is just crazy bad trading.
  4. I think this was a quote from an article you included in your post...
  5. I think Henry is an upgrade even with 0.5 PPR. He also has a nice playoff schedule. I'd definitely only look to move up from Cook, not down.
  6. In a 10 team league I don't think either are going to be that relevant. Perine is the presumptive #1 back, but he's on the Jets, and I think Gore may get goal line snaps. Fournette will have value if RoJo goes down, but I think it more likely that Fournette goes down again.
  7. Don't see anything there that really excites me, but if I had to pick one it's probably Perine. He seems to have a proper trajectory with the Jets and he may be worth something in an RB starved league.
  8. You know what to do when you have a bad defense? Keep the ball out of your opponent's hands. Run the ball with the guy who can chew up the field and the clock. Stop expecting Minshew to be able to make passes.all day long. He makes a few here and there, but I trust the ball in JRob's hands way more than Minshew's. They should be throwing just enough to keep the defense honest.
  9. I guess this could go either way. Clearly (if the report is true) Carolina wants to keep ATL on its collective toes--smart on its part I guess. Sucks for us fantasy people who want to know now, but 4 PM is plenty of time to click a few buttons, and since its a Thursday game you have a full slate of options if he doesn't play.
  10. I'm not sure the objective of this trade. You must be really high on JuJu and pessimistic on Moore to consider this. The other two you're getting back aren't really that great. While I think JuJu isn't as bad as some other think I'd take Moore over him. I wouldn't do this trade, because it seems like it makes you worse for no purpose...
  11. My first inclination is that you don't have the RB depth; however, upon further investigation both of the RB will be past their BYE week and you have both of their handcuffs. As long as you don't mind playing a WR in the FLEX slot through ROS, I like it. There is a huge gap between the top 5 RB (of which A Jones is one) and the rest of the RB gang (4 ppg in non-PPR). If you think you can eke out a little more given Jones' Q status great, but he is really expected to play since he was a GTD last week.
  12. Tee Higgins easy. He is a WR2/3. He has been getting targets and receptions. He goes deep and has a lot of air yardage. I started him last week over Cooper and Woods, and am likely starting him over Cooper again this week. He outscored them both. Also the Titans suck against the pass and he's playing them this week...
  13. You'd think, but sadly, not. These guys hoard QBs. Carr, Mayfield, Cousins, Tua, and Garoppolo are the best QB on the WW. I'd love to get my hands on Herbert. Both he and Burrow are on teams where they're the only QB.
  14. We have to assume that we're not talking about Derrick Henry... I think that it is a fair deal. Rodgers is probably the safer choice, but Herbert sure has looked good. Herbert probably has the higher ceiling and the easier ROS and Playoff schedule. If you're a gambler I might swap out Rodgers for Herbert. Perhaps ask for a little more back with Rodgers as part of the deal if you think your partner values him more...
  15. I don't like Hyde. Carson is a ? and so is Hyde. I think the cream of the crop is Higgins (would be more sure if it were Tee Higgins!)