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  1. Thanks for the help. You can't go wrong either way. I might go Stafford. Atlanta's pass defense is horrific.
  2. I'd go for it...don't think he would actually go for it tho.
  3. I don't see a reason to trade unless you get Kyler DK Mixon for Brady Kamara and a throw in. If he really wants Kamara, he has to pay a premium because I don't see a reason for you to trade.
  4. He offered the Diontae deal? Accept it before he comes to his senses and cancels the offer!
  5. I don't hate the OBJ matchup. But Robby has just been too good this year to sit.
  6. Who to start this week? Tannehill vs Steelers Herbert vs Jax Leave a link
  7. thanks for the help. chubb will be back by playoffs. so who do you want to roll with come playoff time? robinson or conner? plus, like you said, robinson does give you a potential keeper option.
  8. Thanks for the help. I'd do it, even though Davis' value plummets once CMC comes back. What do you think about the updated offer:
  9. UPDATE: Get: Mahomes, Mclaurin, Juju Give: Tannehill, DK, Montgomery
  10. Get: Mahomes, McLaurin, C. Akers Give: Tannehill, DK, D. Montgomery 12-Team .5 PPR, .25 PPC My Team: QB: Tannehill RB: M. Sanders, K. Drake WR: Edelman, DK Metcalf, Parker TE: Gronk Flex: Carson K: Butker DEF: Bucs Bench: D. Montgomery, C. Davis, Herbert, Beasley, Anotnio Brown
  11. 2nd place. Any other input? Seems to be tied 1-1 rn...