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  1. He’ll sky-hook it. Put on a show for us.
  2. All of you non-believers doubting the GOAT. Strong hold fellas.
  3. Definitely. Doesn't help anyone that didn't handcuff Jones with Williams prior to last weekend though lol.
  4. I don't own Dillon? Just saying it wasn't entirely clear to me.
  5. Full Frontal Fulghum this weekend boys.
  6. He's taking up an IR slot in the one league where I have him; grabbed Aiyuk to fill in. He could be really useful down the stretch when he returns - he always looks incredible; just can't stay healthy.
  7. [...] To add insult to injury we didn't even know if Williams would be the main handcuff at the start of the season. There was some bullshit coach speak last week about how Dillon would get an increased role. Obviously that didn't happen but it's hard to know with backups that have an established role in the offense even when the starter is active. This isn't a Zeke/Pollard situation.
  8. It would be great if this guy could end up being a reliable FLEX play down the stretch. You have to think that BB is looking to shake up this offense right now. Maybe that means more DH. This weekend will be telling. If there's a significant uptick in usage then I think we've got something.
  9. I'll play him this week if DJ is out, Ravens D or not. I'll play him next week regardless of DJ's status.
  10. I don't really have a choice but to play him, unfortunately. I'm hopeful that Lamar will need to throw more than usual because of the Steelers' run D but I'm not optimistic. Best case scenario for me is that he has a good week or two and then I can sell him when Goeddert gets back in Week 10. Andrews is frustrating to own.
  11. If he’s active I’ll play him, simple as that.
  12. I’m banking on talent and the O-Line getting healthy. And yes, I think the Cowboys will do something to remedy the QB situation because they aren’t going to throw away the season given their division. I’m not opposed to trading Zeke. I’m exploring it myself. But this is not the time to panic and sell him for scraps.
  13. Incoming Goff throws a bunch of touchdowns to no-name muppets. Bleh.
  14. Cooper Kupp to get 19 points in full PPR.