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  1. Same guy with Kamara has Henry, and just got Elliot in a trade.
  2. 8 team league...I’d drop Mattison and add Pittman ASAP. I’ve played 2QB league before...I understand the hoarding 🤣
  3. Agreed with above. I’d take a shot with Crowder.
  4. You guys are great. Thanks for the quick turnaround. It is tough to pass up on Kamara...I traded away some depth to get Keenan for this Allen/Hill/Hopkins trio.
  5. I think it is safe to drop Ryan. Would stream those two as well. help with mine?
  6. Side B for me...Hill seals the deal help with mine?
  7. I’d consider dropping Higgins for Pittman... help with mine?
  8. Thanks...I checked...he wouldn’t consider Ballage/Ekeler. I’m torn on this. Also wouldn’t take effect until 12/1 because of Thursday games and trade processing rules.
  9. Yep, I’d pull that trigger for preferably 6th round. help with mine?
  10. 16 team, FULL PPR Just completed a trade (received Keenan Allen) starters going forward are... QB - Murray RB - Jacobs RB - Ballage/Ekeler WR - Keenan Allen WR - Hill Flex - Hopkins TE - Engram Bench QB - Bridgewater RB - Booker/Moss TE - Smith, Jr. (dropping for RB depth) WR - THiggins, Mims I LOVE Allen/Hill/Hopkins trio... Was just shown Kamara/Diontae Johnson for Hopkins/Jacobs. I’m hesitant to give up Jacobs here due to ROS schedule. Should I counter with Ballage/Ekeler? I’m also a little gun shy on Kamara with Taysom Hill at the helm...maybe that was just a one game anomaly. Should I just stand pat? Thoughts??? Thanks in advance!
  11. I hate to sit JRob here, but I think Davis is your play this week. thanks for mine!
  12. 16 team FULL PPR T Higgins @ WAS Chark v PIT Mims @ LAC I’ve got Tee Higgins plugged in now, but Chark is tempting