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  1. Congrats and well done! Glad I sat Keenan and played Tee Higgins at my flex...least I went out swinging! Tee had a great game.
  2. Appreciate all of y’all’s help. Studs didn’t stud today (hill, Hopkins, Jacobs, Murray). My opponent didn’t have a crushing performance either...however, he did have McKissic. That last long TD catch (that basically meant nothing for WFT) sealed his win. Great season and I ended up second place. thanks again all! good luck to you all!
  3. My opponent just picked up Jalen Guyton since his McLaurin is out. 🙂 So folks...appreciate all the guidance here so far. Is the advice to keep Allen in foregoing Tee Higgins (1pm game) at flex to see if Allen plays? If he doesn’t play, do I pick up Tyron Johnson or roll with Zack Moss tomorrow MNF??
  4. Thanks. Hopkins already started at my WR2 spot. I’ll keep Hill in at WR1 and Tee Higgins in at flex right now.
  5. Ok, so keep Hill in at WR and Tee Higgins in at Flex, right?
  6. It’s Tee Higgins from the Bengals. You think keep Hill in and replace Higgins at flex with Moss?
  7. Yep, I like Hooper over Goedert this week bc of the WR situation. Good luck.
  8. Two great choices this week. I’d still roll BAL
  9. Lackluster performances from Jacobs, Murray, and Hopkins...no bueno. now supposed update that Tyreek Hill will be active but closely monitored and Keenan Allen not expected to play. Truly unsure what to do at this point. I’ve replaced Keenan Allen in my flex spot with Tee Higgins @ HOU. Questions... 1. With this news of Tyreek Hill...do I bench him? 2. If I bench Hill, do I love Higgins to WR position thus freeing up my flex? 3. If I move Higgins from flex...who’s my play...Malcolm Brown @ SEA, ZMoss @ NE? 4. Do I forego Brown and Moss and pick up
  10. Sheesh....I was certainly wrong about Gaskin in this case
  11. With Gesicki and Grant active I’m gonna rule Bowden out. need some points made up...Murray/Hopkins didn’t do it for me tonight
  12. Thanks. Only issue is that Higgins has the early game and Allen mid day game. Starting to think more and more about waiting it out with Allen and starting Moss if not.
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