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  1. Wow that escalated quickly. Will Hill have a three down role or is Ito considered more of the receiving back? Good news is Vegas views this as a close game with the falcons as 3 point dogs and an implied 25 points so he shouldn’t get scripted out. Here’s to hoping Ol Brian can fall into the end zone a couple times. Falcons love to run it on the red zone with Gurley. Hopefully Hill gets the same treatment.
  2. Seems like a good play this week if Gurley can't go. Not "league winner" status considering ATL's ROS schedule isn't the most favorable for backs (NO, @LAC, TB, @KC). I think I remember him breaking off a TD run earlier this year where he looked kind of slow but ran through a truck-sized hole and scampered to the end zone. Nothing really jumps out at you but he'd make a great volume play against a bad run D.
  3. I wouldn't say like Gio. Bernard has been one of the better pass catching backs in the league over the years in my opinion and is shifty enough to run routes and make LBs miss after the catch. Perine has caught 29 balls on 33 targets so he's efficient but he hasn't done much with those receptions. He's a big dude listed at 240 lbs. and is more of a bruiser which isn't ideal behind a bad o-line. He'd need to fall in the end zone to return any value and who knows how often the bungals will be operating in Giants territory. With a wildcard at QB it's tough to bank on an Bengals this week outside of maybe Tyler Boyd.
  4. Seems risky to play him this week but it depends on your options obviously. I'd rather have a week to see how the offense looks without Burrow (probably won't be pretty) and gauge certain tendencies of this practice squad QB. You'd hope Brandon Allen (?) is a major checkdown artist and Gio comes away with 6-8 receptions. Plus Perine is seeing more carries between the tackles so there are a lot of question marks here.
  5. What are you basing this off of? His usage? Because that comes down to bad coaching in my opinion. If you watched the games it's obvious Ronald is head and shoulders above Lenny at this point. It just seems like the coaches have predetermined plays and packages for each back and it's hindering any sort of consistency on offense.
  6. Just keep in mind these numbers are a bit skewed by massive games from Aaron Jones and Dalvin Cook (both well over 200 all purpose yards) and the Kamara / Lat Murray duo. No doubt Detroit’s defense is garbage but Duke couldn’t hold those guys jock straps. James Robinson had 12 carries 29 yards. Duke isn’t guaranteed a blow up game mostly because he’s shown he’s not a very good NFL RB. The RB landscape is brutal so I wouldn’t blame anyone from playing the matchup. I just think Deshaun is going to feast and Duke will be left with the scraps. And something tells me Prosise will have a larger role this week. Best of luck to everyone.
  7. I missed this at the end of the game but saw Josh Kelley had some clock killing runs. Little more concerned now. How bad did it look, doc?
  8. He got a little banged up during the game and had to come out a few plays and get his ankle taped up but he went right back in. The limited practice seems related to that which doesn’t appear too serious.
  9. This has to be a Ronald game. If the Bucs come out and throw the ball 40+ times the Chiefs are going to win. You do not want to get into a shootout with Mahomes. Slow the game down, establish the run and keep the Chiefs offense off the field as much as possible. Long, sustaining drives. You can run on the Chiefs.. it can be done. Then when the defense has to respect the run, they can't pin their ears back and the field will open up for Tom. You would've thought they learned their lessons after the Saints game but this coaching staff is insufferable. I'm starting him this week (over Gio and Duke which isn't saying a whole lot) and praying Bruce and Byron see the errors of their ways. They can't beat any respectable opponents with how predictable they were on offense against the Rams. Please, Bruce, you crusty old bastard.. let Ronald run.
  10. I cannot.. Bruce has been quick to blame Brady or bench Ronald. I understanding having your coaching staff's back but it's an interesting dynamic. Is Byron full time play caller? Because he is bad.. as pointed out above it seems they're content running on 1st down for a couple yards then throwing on 2nd and 3rd down. No ingenuity and they will get housed in the playoffs if they continue this. I feel the same way about Ronald.. I'm like his big brother on here constantly defending him. I've watched a lot of Bucs games this year and just from the eye test it's not close. Ronald has more burst and more decisiveness. He runs hard.. he runs angry. He's been in the offense a few years so maybe he's more comfortable but it's night and day for me. Lenny just doesn't look comfortable out there. The above clip.. you're telling me he was better off running into a pile rather than cutting back right and trying to make a move on the DB? The LB even got sucked in and Lenny ran right into him.. Godwin even came down for a crack. Cut off that and potentially make a move on the safety. Still would've gotten at least 3 maybe 4 more yards even if the safety wraps him up. Make the safety miss and there is daylight. That is a bad, bad run any way you want to spin it.
  11. I see this as a game where Deshaun and his wide receivers will cook and you'll need Duke to fall into the endzone for any sort of production. Low floor / capped ceiling in my opinion. He's just a COP back at best in the league. This is great insight, thanks. I mentioned this in a prior post but for some reason my gut is screaming that Prosise will get more run this week due to Duke's underwhelming performances but the possible injury only solidifies that.
  12. I wouldn't say gifted. He hit the hole hard, made the safety miss and outran a DB to the end zone. You think Lenny houses that? 0% chance. He likely gets wrapped up by the safety for an 8 yard run. You'll take literally every other game? Then lets go back and look at his three consecutive 100 yard games (including against the Bears), when he was lead dog and the Bucs were committed to him. He looked excellent. The Lenny comes back and I guess the coaching staff feels obligated to give him some run even though the guy is a plodder who can't even get what is blocked. I know above you said they both suck, and Ronald has his faults, but their offense looks much better when they establish the run with him instead of relying on Brady and throwing it 40+ times a game. It's mind boggling and I think coaching is a big part of the problem for the Bucs. They need to pull their heads out.
  13. Wow that was atrocious.. I knew he was bad but this just solidifies it even more. He has no business being on the field other than to give Rojo a breather.
  14. I think he's been battling a knee issue.. he's had some limited practices the last few weeks. Could be he's just getting healthy again and primed to get back on track. He looked good against the Colts. Here's to hoping..
  15. I have PTSD of starting a RB only to watch the backup come in and out produce while the coaches ride the hot hand. Not saying this will happen but it’s a possibility with how lackluster Duke has looked.