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  1. Was really hoping he'd play this week so I could feel better about starting him next week Edit... Nm, great news
  2. Next three are indy chi indy... So don't know if I agree with beserk assessment
  3. Due to timing of positive Connor will miss next week too
  4. Next week might have a spike in positives due to Thanksgiving ? Today sure hasn't been great
  5. would be nice if we had supplemental reporting on playingtime usage.... maybe in a sat. night shefter info dump that may come out. good problem to have though
  6. if he's being activated off IR they only have 21 days to move to active roster. if they dont then he's out for the year... so, IMO, it's great news he's been activated. no other way to look at that. i was worried since there was limited or no news on him that he might not be ready to come off IR. he might not return to the field this week but i would expect he'd be back week 13.
  7. 2017 with the bears, signed a big FA deal to start..., started the first 4 games before the team finally admitted they gave a lot of money to a QB who wasnt that great and benched him.... game 1: 17 RB targets, tarik cohen 8 rec, howard 3 rec game 2: 10 RB targets, tarik cohen 8 rec, howard 0 game 3: 12 RB targets, cohen 4 rec, howard 5 rec, benny cunningham 3 rec game 4: 8 RB targets, cohen 4 rec, howard 2 rec admittedly, probably not a great comparison using 2017 stats, but it is the last time he was a starter (other than fill in games here and there the last couple of years)