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  1. Yeah they did not pay hopkins and will golladay, no way! Each missed game is eating into his paycheck.he would be happy with tag at this point
  2. He did not practice yesterday. Lions did not practice on Monday. Dont know why they put him there limited
  3. What are you talking about? Trade deadline is long gone and his contract is expiring. He has to play to get a contract anywhere at this point
  4. I dropped him, i need to see at least one game with darnold before i can use him. Jets want to lose to get number 1 spot. I dont know if i can trust that mindset
  5. That is mcvay being idiot. The minute they stopped throwing to him they had 3 and outs and interceptions. The guy is a catch machine yet they are moving away from him when needed most. Jet sweeps with woods, throwing behind the line at 3 and 5. Mc vay is a bad coach disguised as a genius
  6. He had nothing first half and got some looks after cobb went down. Looks like cooks is the wr1 in that offense now. I am not comfortable with him but have to start anyway
  7. He did not practice Thursday, left at the beginning possibly re-aggravating the injury. Dont expect him anytime soon especially with lions out of contention and not offering a contract to him
  8. You know, somehow, "I told you so" just doesn't quite say it.
  9. Probably better if teddy is out. More runs and checkdowns
  10. I find fantasy footballers very superficial, talking for minutes on an irrelevant player but never address the players you want them to talk about. Also they never give a firm opinion. You listen the podcast but get nothing out of it. It is fun but useless. Cbs is the best imho. They could be wrong but at least have an opinion and explain their point of view. Adam aizer is doing a great job asking the right questions and being entertaining at the same time