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  1. Had him last year and the results were mixed, have him again this year and its been much better than expected and hope he continues with the solid production. Frustrating that he doesnt have SG eligibility on Yahoo when he did last year. I've filled a position eligibility request, please vote: https://yahoo.uservoice.com/forums/206157-fantasy-basketball/suggestions/42423247-rozier
  2. Which site are you using to get this info?
  3. On Yahoo the INJ was removed Monday but now its back on, did something happen? Found nothing in a google search
  4. Got him 3rd pick in the 12th round of a 10 team roto league. Have Porzingis and Jaren Jackson Jr on IL. PJ Washington is supposed to be my second drop, not making it easy for me 😂
  5. Hello! I was a first time commish last season (Ugh! great timing) and unfortunately my decision did not sit well with a couple of people. These are great guidelines which i think i will be applying to my league! If the league ends at some point within these milestones of 50% and 75%, are you going to payout according to the rankings at the time or re-do the rankings according to scoring averages of games played by each manager for each category?
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