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  1. Last few possesions they are so much better when he's looking to score. This should be the thing for them. Fukin coaching staff stop making him like a Andre miller out there
  2. Relegated to the 2nd unit. I called it. Now lets see what we have. I think there's a good chance he's going to be a more servicable fantasy player in this role
  3. I won my fg and TO and lost on Points last week. I don't know what kind of team I have right now. Lol
  4. Dropped for Vanderbilt. Ive been holding onto this guy but the 1 game week is going to be brutal for me. Same thought on prev comment that i might be able to grab him back because he's not really shown any games and not a hot pick up
  5. That is Nash's problem. If they want to win a chip, this version of Harden is not the way. They barely won against the depleted Heat lineup and lost twice against the Cavs. They are suppose to be dominating these teams on paper. I do believe it can't get any worse than the Harden we saw the last 3 games. He should only get better as the season progress.
  6. On a positve note, the Nets does not look good with harden being passive. Something has to change.
  7. 1 shot attempt first quarter... No, don't give me this Rondo Harden version cmon man
  8. I cant believe I have this guy lol Im happy owner
  9. I hope they try to develop him and give him major minutes because theres no way Nwaba, Tate or Brown is better than thim upside wise or even currently. You must be high to say otherwise
  10. I definitely look at him to be one of the stars in my team. Before his injury I cant even think of 1 bad game he's had. He's so good this season and aint even going to look for trades. He's definitely the alpha of this team and when Drummond inevitably gets shipped, his usage is even going to get higher
  11. You're kind of reaching there buddy. Allen is not shooting 90% on the line. He was 60% last year and 75 this year less attempts. Defense is why hes out there not because of his free throws 😆
  12. The GM who said Drummonds role is going to be the same after the trade was definitely capping. This is not good. Allen and Drummonds skills are pretty similar so I don't know why Allen is playing in the closing minutes
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