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  1. The ppd helped a lot since we only lost a game or two from thr health protocols
  2. if you look at his avg stats last 7 days and 14* days since the trade, hes a servicable ranking ...u cant find a WW that shows that consistently even with his low min.
  3. he will be starting on wednesday game. this is his true test!
  4. if he could get 30min, that would be great...it would give him closer to 11-8-1.5 block avg.
  5. do you have MCW or something? i see you posting on both this and cole forum too saying the same thing.
  6. yeah, im playing him becuse he has the minutes, but it is very underwhelming...i just have so many injuries and ppd's that i need to make up in games so he's the best streamer right now AND i have DJ
  7. I agree with most of your statement but he's still young, he can still evolve his game and improve in getting to the line more and stealing 1+. If he learns to get the line more often, that boost his overall pts avg and increase his rank by the volume of his ft. This is 9 cat i'm speaking of at least.
  8. He's still not at his ADP. If he continues this and gets to the line more with more steals...i could see him breaking top 20 but still just a chucker
  9. yes but im cheering for the to win against CLE. If they lose against CLE, it doenst matter how well he fits, the 3 divas are gonna implode!
  10. Its tough. I have him on WW but i had jordan clarkson so i know that clarkson rise hasn’t helped ingles value so it just depends on how the team utilizes both. Im not sure if these two compete but i think their has to be a corellation between the two lol
  11. 2 3pters 20+ pts 5rbs 5assist 1.5 steals and efficient %. This is his end of yr avg
  12. I agree. Having harden/ irving/kd has definitely motivated him since they are officially champ contenders. Surrounded with great shooters only gives him the ability to get some easy lobs too!
  13. YESSSSS FINALLY HIS TIME!! no fultz, his stats last year were amazing but with no pg, his assist go up as well! top 75 player for sure
  14. Lets go! Give us the news already! Hes had plenty rest
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