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  1. Raptors now have back to back big wins over mid-seed playoff teams in the East with Boucher playing limited minutes. Their current rotation seems to be working and I wouldn't expect it to change
  2. I understand regression due to old age, but he's been a top 30 player in 9 cat for the last 10 years. I don't see him finishing that high this year, but top 75 seems likely
  3. In the long run I still think u win that, especially if u stream properly with that extra spot
  4. Last season he was the 90th ranked player in 9 cat when he played
  5. Raptors bench is like the Colts backfield. Usage goes to the hot hand. Today that was Norman
  6. I wonder if Brad stevens decided that starting 2 bigs isn't working and decided to start TT with Theis coming off the bench. Wouldn't that force Timelord out of the rotation?
  7. Still a serviceable line on probably his worst shooting night of the season
  8. 10 shots in the first quarter... i bet he's gonna take 3 shots rest of the game
  9. In 9 cat, he's #135 on the season (27 mpg), #66 over the past 2 weeks (30 mpg), and #38 over the past week (36 mpg). Even if he returns to 30 mpg, he can still return mid round value.
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