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  1. He's definitely improved, specifically with his handling of double teams. He is grasping the right timing with when to pass and who to pass to out of them, triggering rotations and opening things up for the whole team. And if the other teams choose not to double because of all the shooters they have, well he's still one of the best post up scorers in the league so he will destroy you one on one. He's also developed a great two man game with Seth, lots of screen assists and handoffs. On the defensive side he's always been a really good interior defender, and that looks like it'll continue
  2. x2, he looks like he's moving fine now. Presumably he didn't go back in because it looked like the Wiz were attacking him on the PnR. Still finished with 16 and 5 with 1/1/1, let's hope he suits up tomorrow!
  3. How is this dude being outplayed by Daniel Gafford...just when I thought he was turning the corner
  4. But forreal though, drop Kelly Oubre for Timothy Luwau Cabarrot? 🤣 Jokes aside I find that there are still measured takes here which are worth sifting through the "drop city" and "trash" posts for - thankful to those of you who make an effort!
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