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  1. Yea I know how you feel. I have the 4th pick in one of my FFPC main event drafts, and I was all psyched about it knowing Zeke was probably coming back, but now that Pollard looks so good, we at the very least can probably safely take the under on Zeke catching 70+ balls again. Still though, overall, Dallas looks like a good football team. That'll benefit Zeke big time. He should still have a very big year despite Pollard's talent, who we shouldn't forget, cannot block worth crap. It does look like Dallas is (perhaps wisely) not asking him to block at all tonight though. I've only seen him run routes out of the backfield in this game, and if the kid can't block, maybe that's what they should be doing with him, playing to his strengths.
  2. Yeaaaa, even tho they'll definitely bring someone in, Duke's obviously about to explode lol. James White 2018 definitely in range now.
  3. I expect Zeke to return, but wow, this Tony Pollard guy looks amazing. Between him, Mattison and Darwin, there are some fun rookie RBs this year. But wow, this guy really looks good.
  4. Plot twist: I took him when he fell back to 15.3 I realize I do it to myself. I really do. But I dunno, I think the Eagles almost-trade in March did have some legs to it, so I'll just take that as an excuse to self-flagellate with Breida here. And I guess technically he's a good best ball RB when he's getting snaps, the ol' high ceiling, low floor guy any given week. No worries about timing him.
  5. Right, agreed. Plus while Breida was obviously handpicked by this regime, he's also not really the greatest fit for what they want to do. I'm not entirely sure his pass catching is good enough for Shanny's liking though he did do pretty well with that in a smallish sample: 31 targets, 27-261-2 (9.7) is a lot better than people thought he was capable of. One other reason they might hold onto him though is he only costs 600K or something against the cap, so he's a very cheap hold given his talent and experience in the system. They might value that too much. On the other hand, it's the final year of his deal, so they may feel like cashing in on him for a 5th rounder or a position of need too.
  6. Just to quickly update: I tried to pull the above logic on my friend whom I'm co-drafting a $250 FFPC best ball with, and he was like, "yea no." Lol. I guess I can't blame him. Pick 14.10. Edit: I just realized this response is not really appropriate for the topic, so to make this better... Despite the explosive games he had last year, I just didn't have to heart to fight for this guy with my friend at 14.10. Still, would it really be surprising if the Niners moved this guy to fill some need elsewhere on the roster when a good trade offer showed up? Not really, but as my friend said, McKinnon isn't exactly 100% nor Mostert, so it's possible they just hold on to Breida to cover their butts with the depth he provides, despite his injury proneness.
  7. As a dynasty owner and a 2018 redraft owner of this guy, I definitely feel the sentiments shared by you guys already lol. It helps knowing I'm not alone! Seriously though, despite his amazing talent of injuring something at seemingly every turn, there's a decent chance he gets traded this year and suddenly becomes relevant again. Supposedly the Eagles had some interest but didn't feel like paying the Niners' asking price of what is guessed to be a third rounder (who knows if that's true). Anyway, it does seem like an indication he might get moved when the opportunity arises, say after a camp injury somewhere. Since he's got an ADP circa early round 14 now or something in FFPC best balls, that could easily jump way up if he suddenly has a clear path to touches by replacing say a recently injured Dalvin Cook or some other zone scheme back. Granted, he'll probably get carted as soon as he rips off his first thirty yard scamper for his new team, but hey, it'd still mean he's amazing draft value as of this writing lol since we can technically trade him before that happens in week one (well, except for FFPC). PS- I admit this may be a silly thing to try to take advantage of since he might just wallow as depth for them all year too. But I guess that's a logical path to snaps too, just someone getting hurt in that backfield. Of course, lol again I admit, it very easily could be him who gets hurt.
  8. Not flippant at all, I appreciate your input on that, and I would definitely agree. I'll do a better job of not falling into that trap like I did. I admit I'm not grinding film on D.Henderson to really understand if his game will translate to the NFL though what limited film I have seen looks like it will. Comparing combine results I do think is useful when used correctly, for example with Mecole Hardman and Philip Dorsett since their film does seem eerily similar as well. But to clarify my point more, I do think Henderson could have a similar rookie year impact to Kamara, where in DFS it's correct on some weeks to use both Gurley and Henderson in the same winning GPP lineup and stuff. I think the mistake I made with that post is I wasn't clear I was talking about usage and impact, just with Henderson in that role instead of (rookie year) Kamara. And again, I'm talking about ceiling.
  9. Sorry for the double post, but if I could add that I do think Dalvin Cook has been more snakebit than injury prone thru his two seasons in the league, so banking on him to go down again could easily fail here. I should probably feel more comfortable with Dalvin in round two than I do since he did look really good once he came back from the hamstring injury that cost him a few games in the middle of the year. I think Mattison looks good enough to be a one-year wonder though at the least were Dalvin to get injured again, but it's very possible (and more likely than not) that Dalvin is less injury prone than everyone thinks. That would obviously ruin the Mattison fun haha, but again, he's a solid handcuff IMO with I think more upside than people realize and more upside than many of the other players currently being taken in his range.
  10. Am I crazy or does this guy remind of Kareem Hunt? Now, a little context if this helps, I'm the guy who started the Kareem Hunt 2017 thread for whatever that's worth lol, so I wasn't like totally clueless on Hunt that summer. Not sure what that counts for around here, but at least you know I'm somewhat of a forward thinking player, even if it gets me in trouble sometimes. But seriously, look at their measurables. Both are 4.6 forty guys with 7.1 3-cones. Mattison has Hunt outpaced in the broad, but everything else is super similar. Both are three down backs, both third round picks. Both had extremely low fumble rates in college. Certainly there are differences, like Ware got hurt that summer and Hunt's ADP went absolutely bonkers as a result. Andy Reid is way more fantasy friendly for RBs than most coaches too obviously. Still, Dalvin's injury history is well documented, and IMO Mattison looks like he's capable of taking over if Dalvin goes down. And there's no one else in that stable that can really challenge him for reps if Dalvin gets carted. He would very possibly be the lone wolf back for them. Also interesting to note is that Mattison was like a 20th rounder or something in May and is now quietly 14.7 in FFPC drafts. And that increase was gradual. IMO it's an indication more and more fantasy owners are becoming aware of this guy's upside. Rotoworld calls this guy plodding in their blurbs on him, but his film seems explosive to me. His hurdling ability stands out to me as well. Obviously as he becomes more and more expensive in drafts the value drains away. He's getting to become a not-so-dirt-cheap handcuff like he was a month ago. If little else though, if you're a Dalvin Cook believer, this is a great handcuff to grab IMO, and if you do grab him for cheap, I think Dalvin becomes a much safer play in round two of drafts (although I have yet to pull the trigger on Dalvin this summer, and maybe won't at all). And I admit this guy is not much more than a good handcuff with very little hype surrounding him. In a lot of places, you can get him for basically nothing. In more competitive settings, you can still get him in round fifteen+ a lot. I dunno, I'll probably look dumb in a few months for saying he reminds me of Kareem Hunt, but he does. Here's another interesting breakdown, although this is from the Vikings' channel, so technically this is propaganda, but whatever lol:
  11. His ADP is currently 6.1 in FFPC best balls, so this guy has a ton of believers out there I guess. I love his film (Pollard's too), and I think there's a chance he could be used enough to warrant that incredibly steep price. I have not bought in there though as that ADP is obviously crazy expensive. That being said, in some ways, I think his ceiling is something similar to Alvin Kamara's rookie year, though I do obviously doubt that happens. Still, if Gurley assumes more of a 2017 Mark Ingram role for the Rams, then I could see Henderson being used similarly to how Kamara was that year. Kamara was barely getting drafted in 2017 though. I distinctly remember picking him up off the wire after week one or two in a $250 buy-in half PPR league that year, so people really were not that into him. I know some were of course, who took him probably higher than average, but most were definitely not aware he was going to be amazing. Henderson, way different story obviously with that crazy 6.1 draft cost. It would not shock me though he was a top 24 RB this year given Gurley's knee woes and how explosive that offense can be. Like others have said, they are in danger of regressing heavily in 2019, but I still think there's more than enough there to keep them as a good fantasy offense, even if they don't dominate the regular season again. But at that cost, I have not been able to bring myself to pull the trigger. Not even close. Shame because I really do like his tape. PS- I know Kamara measured 5-10, 214 at the combine compared to 5-8, 208 for Henderson, but their 40s and 3-cones are really close. Kamara obviously is crazy explosive though with a better long jump and vertical and bigger hands. But again, this is ceiling I'm talking about. Rookie year Tarik Cohen is a possibility as well. Maybe MJD rookie year? I guess that's what a lot of people taking him that high are hoping for. Obviously being nada is a possibility as well, if Gurley is Gurley, but it's looking less and less likely he will be the three down, high snap count workhorse he has been. Anyway, this guy is way too expensive for me to take the plunge, but it would not shock me if he was good this year.
  12. He passed the ol' eye test for me last season. Shame I didn't believe in him more for dynasty, but I'm on board now in the late 3rd, early 4th in FFPC best balls. CJA makes for a nice little cheap handcuff too in like round 18.
  13. I'm a fan at the current ADP Round 12ish in FFPC best balls. Agree with everyone who questions whether anyone is worth getting in this pass offense, but in FFPC Best Ball, he's a nice fit late since he can score from long it seems (4.67 forty). Hard to invest in classic tho, especially standard PPR with only six or seven bench spots. Pretty best ball friendly though.
  14. I like this dude. Hopefully I can acquire his services on the cheap very soon in my dynasty.
  15. According to a Raiders coach who was quoted in an article I read about Warren, he ran the wrong route in the Rams preseason game at least once, so his knowledge of the playbook sounds like it could use some improvement. PFF has his blocking graded at -2.9 over 100 snaps as well. Despite those negatives though, I like how he's looking as a runner and a receiver and like him as a speculative cheap add in dynasty leagues, especially if you're desperate for RB talent.
  16. Obviously my expectations have changed a lot since my initial post back in May here, but at 1.8 I think you got a good deal. He just turned 21 on August 3rd, so I think some of his struggles can be attributed to his age (we can't all be JuJu Smith-Schuster). You might be looking at a rough rookie season, but next August, when he turns 22, with a year in the system under his belt, maybe having flashed late in the 2018 season, you could have yourself a rising RB stock.
  17. I just grabbed this guy in a rookie draft, so fingers crossed here. I don't like how he's almost 24, but I think he'll be good right away. I badly need a flex in this league too. His film looks legit to me, but we'll see.
  18. I actually think they're fair, even though I balked at them at first myself. They're both 5-11, 200, they both wore no.25, and they both have smallish dreads coming out the back of the helmet. I'm not saying he's on Charles' level, but man he does kinda look like him. Kinda like that Klay Thompson impersonator guy? No for real, I do also think RoJo's play style kinda flashes Charles at times as well. At first I thought the comps were the really stupid and lazy machinations of overpaid writers. And on some level, they probably are. On these two plays he does kinda look Charles like tho: And on this reception: The Tevin comps I think are fair as well, since RoJo seems a bit tighter in his hips than Charles was. But if you hear a screeching blackboard when someone brings up Charles in a Ronald Jones conversation, I don't think you're wrong. A big part of it is simply how he looks just standing their in a no.25 uniform lol. Yea, I would agree he has an uphill climb in the film room and beyond. That's why I think it's more than possible that he's a one year project. For example, at 20 years old, it's going to be hard to compete in a playbook trivia contest with consummate good solider Quizz. But I think the one saving grace in this regard for Jones is that he has been able to handle whatever coaches have asked of him since his freshman year of college. The guy was 17 years old for most of the summer of 2015, and he still had 153-987-8 (6.5) on the ground that year. His cost is crazy expensive though in the 5th round. Kamara was by comparison basically free, even as late as early September, in a lot of leagues last year.
  19. I like RoJo. There are a lot of unknowns like his potential passing game usage and his young age, but his film looked pretty darn dynamic to me. Whether he's a one year project or good right out of the box, I don't know. I did draft him once already at 5.10 though, so I'm invested. His ADP is 4.12 now on FFPC, up from 5.3 a couple weeks ago.
  20. Off-topic but since you asked, I just drafted Shaheen at 22.3 to hedge my Burton bet so yea, I think he could be a threat. As for more traditional redraft settings, it's hard to say since it's still May. Assuming full health for everyone come week one, I would imagine Burton will be the featured pass catcher given his contract and play style. taobball pretty much nailed it with his reply.
  21. It's 1.5 PPR for TEs at FFPC and 6.4 is actually his ADP. All TEs go 2-3 rounds earlier than normal. Gathers' ADP is 17.6.
  22. Not to worry, Axe Elf, not to worry, for I just drafted Rico Gathers at 17.10 so it's all good. I'm sad I lost such an awesome piece who I thought really could've produced a gem of a line this season, but it's not to be. Keenan Allen is gonna be an absolute target hog, and he might've been that anyway even w/ Henry still there. RIP Hunter Henry. We hardly knew ye. Let's see... If anyone cares my other TEs in this draft are Trey Burton (6.10), David Njoku (10.3) and of course Rico. Hopefully someone can pick up some of the pieces for me. It's still only round 19/28 of this draft. These FFPC best ball drafts last like 4 weeks sometimes, it's absurd.
  23. PS is more meaningful now than it was ten years ago, I agree. And Hines will almost definitely juke a third stringer for 60 yards to the house pretty quickly in it. I do like Wilkins to a certain extent, but right now in May drafts, Hines is a no brainer add for me at his current price. On FFPC with a 19 league sample, his range is 11.5 high, 14.3 ADP, 17.3 low in best ball leagues. He does seem closer to the Cohen mold than Hunt IMO though. 5-8, 198 is good enough to be featured if they wanted, but I'm more assuming he'll end up in a Chris Thompson, Duke Johnson role of some kind where he helps you big time if you use zero RB strategy or something like that, but doesn't necessarily give you that top six production. Anyway, it's pretty darn early still, so I don't want to get too ahead of myself. Cool player though.
  24. He passes the eye test for me. Looks explosive. Good receiver. I'd like him to remain cheap, but people probably catch on eventually. He's the top search today on the front page it says, so yea. The other guy Jordan Wilkins flashed to me on film as well. Either way, these two are two more reasons for me to ignore Mack again in drafts. Who knows in the end, but Hines (and to some extent Wilkins) looks good to me.
  25. Yea I tend to agree. I just took HH at 4.3 of a $35 FPPC Best Ball draft*. Kelce, Gronk, Ertz, Engram and Jimmy Graham were already off the board at that point, in that order. I think he can leap frog Graham and Engram, but the other three guys will be tough to overcome. It's definitely doable if Keenan Allen ever went down, but otherwise, probably not. Still, I like the upside with Gates gone. If I have fear, it's that Keenan Allen is a total black hole for targets, and Mike Williams gets healthy and commands some sort of a role. In that scenario, I could see Henry failing us with a 59-689-3 line or something. That's about as low as I see him producing though, barring injury. Ken Wisenhunt kind of has a decent track record with his TEs recently as Gates had 77-872-4 at age 33 in 2013 (when Wiz was the OC), and Delanie had a breakout season with 63-890-4 in 2014 (with Wiz as HC). Henry has a pretty solid look here at 100 targets. If he's as good as I think he is, then he'll be fine with that volume IMO. * TEs get 1.5 PPR versus everyone else's 1 PPR, so TEs go about 2.5 rounds higher than normal on FFPC