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  1. Think probably stick with bell. Jets have a great fantasy schedule after facing jacksonville and Darnold will look closer to what he was in the dallas game which will only help bell.
  2. Hey I'm in a 10 team 0.5 PPR league. Chase Edmonds, Ty Johnson and Desean Jackson are available. I have $65 for my FAAB. This week I'm playing the guy who has Kerryon and he has $60 FAAB. How much would you spend on each or who would you prioritize? QB1 - Josh Allen QB2 - Andy Dalton WR1 - Tyreek Hill WR2 - Julian Edelman RB1 - Aaron jones RB2- Josh Jacobs TE - Hunter Henry W/R/T - Kenny Golladay W/R/T - Terry Mclaurin K - Justin Tucker (bye) Bench - Ezekiel Elliott (bye) Bench - Lamar Jackson (bye) Bench - Mark andrews (bye) Bench - DJ Moore Bench - Tennessee defense
  3. I'd stay put as well. Penny is a better handcuff than Gus Edwards or Duke Johnson. I don't think Carson will lose out to Penny but Carroll is known to do crazy things at times so protect your investment in Carson unless theres something better in your free agent pool.
  4. Its a 10 team 0.5 PPR league. Would drop Brown for one of wither Darnold or Josh Allen. QB1 - Lamar Jackson QB2 - Andy Dalton WR1 - Edelman WR2 - DJ Moore RB1 - Ezekiel Elliott RB2- aaron jones TE - Mark andrews W/R/T - Josh Jacobs W/R/T - Ronald Jones Bench - Tyreek Hill Bench - Kenny Golladay Bench - AJ Green Bench - John Brown Bench - Terry Mclaurin
  5. I'm in a 2 QB league and i currently have Andy Dalton as my QB2. Darnold and Josh allen are available. Who would you pick as your QB2 for ROS? Thanks everyone.
  6. As much as I love jones I would go Chubb because he's the clear cut guy on a run dependent team. McCarthy likes to play games with his RBs sometimes and one week packers could be pass happy
  7. I'm in a 0.25 PPR league with 0.5 for first downs rushing or receiving. Should I trade away Aaron Jones for Mixon? Who do you think will have a better rest of season outlook?
  8. I'm in a 0.25 PPR league. Callaway faces the Chargers and Cole faces the Cowboys. Who would you start?
  9. I easily say Thompson and Breida. Arizona's run D is terrible (just look at what Mike Davis did last week) and niners offense isn't bad. Saints game will be a shootout. You dont know what Ingram will be the first game back and how much he'll play. And jets run D is better than what most think
  10. Definitely do that trade. Both Hyde and Gordon are injury prone but Hyde could lose a tiny bit of carries to Chubb going forward. Gordon is a legit RB1 and you are stacked at WR
  11. I think id go dalton. That team still has Boyd and green even without eifert. Mixon is back too.
  12. Well we have similar teams haha. I'd go with Freeman for upside and he will get goal line carries for sure. Blue will get all the carries but he sucks just as much as Lamar Miller and his only real shot is getting goal line carries.
  13. Im in a 12 team league and desperate fr a win. Mahomes vs. Jags or Wentz vs. Vikings? Thanks!
  14. Jones because he's definitely getting more carries with Rodgers asking for it. Titans offense is a mess and Mariota still has that problem with his throwing hand.
  15. It's a fair deal but I would hold onto Collins or ask for a RB in addition in this deal because once you deal him you don't have good depth at position that's thin to begin with.
  16. Yeah I know it's a risk with Eifert's health but if he stays healthy this week, who would you choose in a 0.25 PPR league
  17. In a 0.25 PPR league and need to start 3 of 4 WRs: Mike Williams vs. SF Keelan Cole vs. NYJ Antonio Callaway @ Oakland Doug Baldwin @ Arizona
  18. That's a tough call because Denver' pass D is bad and Dolphins' run D is good. Michel will touch the ball more and probably will get red zone carries with no Burkhead. Watkins could easily catch a bomb. I think you should go with Michel though just b/c he will have more opportunities.
  19. I'm in a 12 team 0.25 PPR league. Eifert is @ Atlanta this week and Njoku is @ Oakland. Who to start?
  20. I'd say sit him. You have other options that are good (1. Lindsay 2. Collins) http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/723057-who-should-i-trade-for-zach-ertz-whir/
  21. I'm in a 12 team 0.25 PPR league and I have an offer of trading Keelan Cole and Marquise Goodwin for Ertz. The other team has Gronk and needs WR help (he has Mike Evans, Desean Jackson, Willie Snead, Danny Amendola, Dede Westbrook, Paul Richardson, Josh Doctson as his WRs). Was also thinking offering Doug Baldwin for Ertz straight up but of course I'd rather keep Baldwin. Think the 2 for 1 will work? If not, what would you offer (my full team is in my sig).
  22. Am I crazy for thinking about bidding 36 bucks on Mike Williams in my 12 team 0.25 PPR league?
  23. I'd spend even less on Shepard. He's available in mine too. I put in a bid of 17% of what I have
  24. How much FAAB% should I spend on Mike Williams in a 12-team league 0.25 PPR league? Thanks guys