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  1. With all the new knowledge, and yet, spring breakers are still breakin, Mardi Gras is going on, we are still doing the same things in merica that we were 3-4 weeks ago, and we wonder why the numbers are still climbing...don't panic, just be smart, shelter in place as requested, get the necessities, but for goodness sake, lets not act like this is going away as we speak, we have a long road to haul...I have no issue with people gambling with their own lives, but irresponsible people are jeopardizing other peoples lives with their current actions..that's what my main issue is..listen to the experts, be cautious, but life does go on,...hopefully we get through this sooner than later, but be prepared...
  2. Starting as an 8 yr old kid: Reggie Rudi Catfish Blue Moon Holtzman Fingers Campy Bando Then again from 87-92 after returning home from a military commitment: Eck Stewart Welch Big Mac Jose Can you see the ball bounce off my head for a hr Hendu Parker (those 4 above were known as the Bay Bombers in the 90's) Thanks for the thread, took me back...
  3. What effect will this virus have on unborn babies in the womb during this pandemic? They are our future after-all, no mention about that potential.... On a lighter note, Will they be referred to as "Coronials"?
  4. England announced a mandatory 12 week lock down, for the entire country, sans funerals.....and some of you say we're over's a bit more dire than you're giving it credit, or lack's bad people, real bad..time will show us that we're not taking this seriously enough...this was on the world news tonight..
  5. I realize my other post here was a bit off, but I found something that might explain why Italy was hit as hard as they were early a couple of links are included, Iran as well: Italy and Iran have been two of the countries hardest hit by the Wuhan coronavirus, outside of China. Why? Helen Raleigh explains at The Federalist: As a result of One Belt and One Road, there are more than 300,000 Chinese living in Italy. The Iran case is interesting as well: News reports indicate that a number of high Iranian officials have contracted coronavirus, and I believe at least one or two have died. Raleigh explains: Relying on China for economic development was never a good idea, but it turned out to be more dangerous than we knew.
  6. Check out a book titled " End of Days" by Silvia Brown, written in 2008, she basically called this virus, to the "T".. or rather, to the "C"-19...I'll let you all read it rather than footnote have the time, so read it..
  7. There will be some growing pains for sure, but look at who he has around him as mentors, EE and Abreu will be in his ear...he'll be fine.....
  8. Never participated in anything less than a 12 team dynasty, but I'll give it a go.... My first question in any dynasty is: What is your team need? What does your 1b situation look like? Staff? Minors? Strength? and go from there.... Mize has front line potential, and backed it up last season reaching AA in his first season, Oh, and Mize is ranked higher(7th) than Vaughn(21st),, according to mlb rankings, all subjective I'll add, his only detractor IMHO, is that he's had forearm issues and was shut down early last season due to a tired arm....pitchers carry a higher injury risk, (I mean, we all know that, or should anyway), so that has to weigh in on the decision... Vaughn could be limited to 1b when the dust settles, so he better hit, and hit a ton, he's in a good place to accomplish this if he can develop his hit tool to match the 60-65 grade that they gave him...personally, I don't see it, 260ish? sure, might he be a Schwarber type but at 1b? that plays, especially if he can get that ba above 265-270ish.....but looking under the hood, a 155, and 157 iso at A and A+ are not exactly awe inspiring, but his plate discipline is awesome....and yes, I do realize that he just got drafted and is still only 21 with room to develop, and I fully expect him to take a step or 2, but as of today, or end of last season?.....250ish ba with a 155 iso at A level? doesn't rattle my cage enough....yet FWIW Fangraphs gave Mize a fv of 60, and Vaughn 50, but again, any and all rankings are subjective.... Hope I helped some..Good luck
  9. Look into his splits in 2019: He destroyed LH pitching in with a .347 clip and 11 hrs in 130pa while hitting .211 with 7 hrs vs rh pitching in 151pa. Career numbers, while a sss, are a little better in the ba, .274 vs lh pitching and a .232 vs rh pitching. As stated above, power shouldn't be an issue, but it'll come with a ba drain unless he can make gains there. A nice off-day fill in, or a decent fallback in 2c leagues, but I'd be hard pressed to rely on him as a starter in 1c leagues with less than 20 teams..
  10. This is indicative of what type of responses you can expect here at Rotoworld... I mean, I did state that I'm not speaking for anyone else but for me, no? You do not know my roster construct, my league size nor the format...his hrs are a bonus, so him losing 10 hrs is not equal to my best power hitter hitting 10 less hrs, by saying that, you just compared Villar to my best power hitter...SMH..... Not worth it....carry on...
  11. Since you asked: My personal opinion is that when you have a shot at a title, you try to grab it, now. There are zero guarantees that a prospect will match their hype. There are exceptions for sure, but the goal of dynasty/keeper and redraft leagues is to Capture that flag, soon and often, they fly forever....Olson is a nice get, he's the only other proven commodity, and Vlad does smell like he could take the next step, but Trout is Mike Trout....without knowing roster construct, it's hard to accurately assess this deal...How many teams in the league? that may sway me a little, but without knowing any details, nor roster construct, if I had Trout and could contend with a better than good shot at winning it all now? I keep Trout, hell, health permitting, he should still be good for, what, 4-6 more seasons of elite production? By that time, any number of players/trades could be available, hell, your team might have a different look by that time, especially if you were to win a title or 2 in that span.... I live for today, and again, not knowing league size, format, roster construct, grade would be a up 1-2 potential flags is my reason for the c- FWIW: I own Trout in a 12 team dynasty, have since 2013, so I kinda know his value, at least to me anyway. Hope for your sake I'm wrong( not really since I own Mike, and that would be bad for me), but I hope Olson/Vlad and the prospect that you draft leads you to many titles in the future. Peace
  12. Wasn't it 2 seasons ago that Rizzo gained 2b elig on yahoo with 10 due soley to the shift? There was some grumblings about that that I remember, both here and in my while I may be mistaken, not trying to start anything with you, but I think that you sir are mistaken, less than 10 games started/appeared at any given fielding position will not carry over to the next season. I pointed out that the number is 5 games in season to gain elig at fielding positions for that current season, but the site is vague about the carry over number, it actually does not address what is needed to carry over, only addresses the current season it again to see if you can see anything that I missed....meaning, find where it states what is needed for next season, not the current one, and I will gladly admit my mistake... thank you....
  13. I can't speak for anyone else, but for me? Villar isn't on my dynasty team for his power, so that's a non-factor in my eyes. As long as he stays atop that l/u, his runs/sb's should keep him fantasy relevant....
  14. Unless I'm missing something, not seeing him retaining SS elig in yahoo with only 9 starts/games played there in 2019. 5 is for in-season elig, 10 to carry over to the next season, and him retaining SS elig is the make or break, for my team anyway. But how realistic is it that he comes even close to what he did in '19? I mean, launch angle, exit velo all look good, is the breakout real? Or another juiced ball outlier? Tough call in keeper/dynasty's where teams are set at those positions. He could be a nice bench bat, but again, roster construct will dictate...
  15. Most of aren't naive enough to believe he's a 260+ba hitter, we've looked under the hood and have accepted he is who we see, a middle of the order power hitting OF who will chip in some sb's here and there, not counting on anything more than 10ish...2016 was his last double sb season in the minors, but 10ish, is valuable enough.... He did retool his swing and stance, which has netted him a 25ish k rate, which is tenable given that he's been over 26% twice in his minor career, 2013 and 2017, prior to his swing changes, so for some to continue to harp on his plate discipline is kinda, how would you put it? "non conforming to their narrative" is perhaps the best I can come up with on short notice, and shortsighted..I mean, he's doing what he's doing even with that poor discipline, 25+% k rate I can live with, and as was mentioned, he doesn't hit cheap hr's, and, he plays in a bandbox...this, you can not deny.. His biggest arguments are going to be about ADP vs value, and whether or not Puig has a negative influence on his attitude and partying.. Carry on..