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  1. Hope this turns out ok for this kid, there's been a lot of pressure on him to meet expectations. I remember when Greinke dealt with the same issues after he was drafted in '02. He took 2 years off to gather himself.
  2. It's a dynasty, you don't look at the snap shot, you look at the portrait...Tucker is the long term choice..
  3. If it's daily, send me the link and I'll give it a
  4. I live waaayyy out in the boonies in a Marina on a houseboat, and do you know who was making deliveries on July 4th and 5th? UPS was....hmmmmmm, I'm getting the feel that the owners are going to get the 48 game season that they wanted after all. These delays on tests are going to play right into their hands, great hiring job there on the delivery teams Manfred, just as instructed...unforeseen my 4th point of contact....
  5. He was out of options and the A's needed to clear a 40 man roster spot for 17 yr old SS phenom Puason. Without the trade, he'd have been put on waivers, and most likely claimed, this way, they at least got something for him. He still has upside, speed with a decent hit tool, but he just didn't fit in the A's future, especially with Laureano manning CF now, which is where Mateo might end up..
  6. Thanks for link, but I'm going to pass on this one.. best wishes..
  7. If it's still open:
  8. Do you have a link to view the team and league settings?
  9. Not implying that it applies with Pearson, but it's worth noting that only players on the 60 man lists are elig to trade.
  10. Here in Ca, we've had an uptick in cases too, but the short season won't start for another month, a lot can, and will happen in the next 2 months leading into September... I'm saying if there is baseball, there will be fans come September in the stands...if there is no baseball, it's all moot anyway....
  11. The biggest aspect of the owners' negotiations was, ZERO gate receipts, zero.. there will be fans in the stands before September 1st, and the owners knew this..The union caved to public pressure from the owners' tactics of leaking the information they leaked' I agree with Brock, the fans got played, we turned on the players thinking they were the greedy side, but we get baseball, which is what everyone wanted, that's the piece of candy to quiet us..meanwhile, the owners will be laughing all the way to the bank once stadium open. They won't be full, but 25-30% is a huge win for the owners, especially once they get the expanded playoff games( which was intended to recoup their zero gate receipt losses) can say, "let's see how this all plays out" all you want, but much the same as we saw with the fan outcry to "Get it done", we'll see fans in the seats at some point, the media is already reporting that some venues are saying it will be, and the fans will once again get what they want, just as they did baseball... Now next season will be another story altogether here in these forums while they get closer to a new CBA, that's going to be another fun read, maybe even funnier than the Covid impact on baseball thread was, two sides arguing who's right, no one admitting they're wrong even when the numbers were against them, but I digress.... None are so blind as those that refuse to see. Let's revisit this on September 1st.....I'll say this, if/when there are fans in the seats, the owners did not negotiate in good faith by basing their stance on zero gate receipts..they had to figure it would happen, if no fans, I eat a HUGE plate of raw crow...
  12. Remember when the owners were stead fast about their negotiations regarding zero gate receipts? hmmmmm, they had to know that this might happen: Ron Roenicke MGR, Boston Red Sox Red Sox president Sam Kennedy said Wednesday that he's "hopeful to have fans at some point" this season at Fenway Park. Kennedy notes that it will depend on the COVID-19 data in Massachusetts at the time. A few clubs seem fairly committed to having some fans in the stands this season and others have said they'll consider it depending on the progression of coronavirus in their states and cities. Source: Alex Speier on Twitter Jun 24, 2020, 7:13 PM ET Rick Renteria MGR, Chicago White Sox Danny Parkins of 670 The Score reports that the White Sox are planning to play with a limited number of fans in the stands this season. Parkins adds that while the exact capacity they will allow isn't known, the thought is that it will be around 20 percent. The Rangers, Astros and Marlins are other clubs known to at least be seriously considering allow some level of fans in their stadiums. Source: Danny Perkins on Twitter Jun 24, 2020, 7:10 PM ET Don Mattingly MGR, Miami Marlins Andy Slater of 640AM South Florida reports that Miami-Dade county mayor Carlos A. Gimenez will consider allowing fans at Marlins Park starting next month. Slater notes that the Marlins must first submit a plan to the county for how fans can safely socially distance. The Rangers, Astros and White Sox are other known clubs that could allow fans in the stands at some capacity. There's a good chance there will be others, too, depending on what their government's policies are regarding combating COVID-19 at the time. Source: Andy Slater on Twitter Jun 24, 2020, 6:18 PM ET It's not for sure....yet, but you had to believe that the owners had an idea that it might happen at some point during the summer....and to think, some here railed on the players as being greedy..good times
  13. Owners do have the right to run their companies any way they choose, but every choice comes with a cost. Hate the players all you want for them asking the owners to abide by their agreement to pay them what they agreed upon, and go watch little league, High school or College ball, there's no denying that they are enjoyable to watch, oh, wait, there are no other options this year..they cut off the hands that feed them, the players ARE the product, the best of the best, they put the fans in the seats, so they can buy the jerseys, hats, hot dogs, beer, ice cream for their kids, and all the other concessions that are offered, which in turn, puts money in the owners' pockets so they can afford to run, or own their teams..Without that top tier product, what's left? I mean, you can replace them with minor replacements, but that product isn't the same, then it becomes just a game that you can watch almost anywhere, a lesser product = less fans in the seats = less revenues for the owners.. or, no season = no revenues, for either side, but the players asked: when and where? so we can start, now covid rears its' ugly head once again, so now, we're all out of luck.
  14. In that scenario, the owners would be able to pocket all monies from the gate, which they're arguing that they'll receive zero gate monies.. It seems that the scales will tip, very favorable in their favor, if/when that happens...and some say the players are the greedy ones.... So, as of today, if a season were to take place,Texas owners, Rangers/Houston, will get to pocket all gate revenues from fans while paying their players as though they receive zero...seems like it in good faith to me..
  15. AND, what happens, if, as the summer goes on, that more states allow fans to attend games? do the player get to renegotiate in-season since the numbers will change as far as gate revenues go? Thus negating the stance that the owners have taken about zero gate and concessions revenues? that would give the owners a whole lot more money, no? Admittedly, this only concerns Texas and Houston as of today, but down the line? hmmmm