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  1. 2 layer cloth masks with a paper towel as a filter can be made at home, and are effective against droplets, maybe not quit as effective as the 95's, but resourceful minds figured this out back in March to help relieve the shortage and to protect themselves without taking from the front line responders: Too bad the experts didn't think of this, they were needed earlier. Been wearing mine since late March( Family member is a nurse and told us about making masks in March) That said, I do have respect for Fauchi and heed his warnings and expertise in his field.
  2. He's not the end all be all expert, he's made mistakes himself...just sayin.
  3. There's a question mark after that word, 'Neither"..with that, I was inferring that it's an individual choice as to who to believe. Me? I'm a high risk person, 60yrs old, copd, both lungs having collapsed, issues from my service time...yada yada yada.. so I suit up hazmat style every time I go out. I'm not vain enough to believe that I know more than experts, nor am I naive enough to believe everything posted on facebook, twitter or any other forum where everyone thinks they're an expert on any given subject, I mean, just read this entire thread from day 1, and you'll get what I mean here....... Part of that post that was censored included a part that stated what I see in my Walmart store, less than 50% of shoppers and store clerks not wearing any protection, That's pretty much on topic, no? but yet, it's gone....another part that was censored that I scratched my head at was what Newsom is doing to Counties here that are going against his orders about staying shut down, and his withholding state funding due to them opening, are we not allowed to discuss going-ons due to the covid pandemic? ..I get why some was censored, I did mention that it most likely would, but some parts that were, were not out of bounds, other posts were allowed that were similar in being political, 1 such was that Republicans were the majority of the anti-vacination crowd, but whatever, mods do do a decent job of monitoring these threads, I'll give the mods credit where due, especially knowing some of their stances politically.. but some times, I scratch my head, then I tell myself that some things slip through the cracks so to speak...we are all humans afterall..
  4. Working class Americans are ready to get back to work and or, reopen their businesses, that's clear nation wide, and those in the lesser hit regions of America should be able to, but people need to follow safety guidelines if we're to get past this crisis, that is, unless you believe that it's not necessary, if so, then you have to admit that we need to open things up nation wide now and get people back to work, but that might not be what a particular party might want... I see thing as, Red States maybe skewing numbers to the low side, wanting to open up under set guidelines for safety, getting their citizens off of unemployment, and back to work, which the citizens want, which in turn would lead to lightening the burden from Federal funding, States are receiving billions from the feds for unemployment since a lot of states reserves are depleted, whereas Blue run States are skewing the numbers to the high side so they won't lose their Federal funding while preaching to remain shut down due to those high numbers, . Who to believe?..neither? [...]
  5. The Walmart I frequent only had 2 days where they limited the number of shoppers into the store, that was 3 weeks ago, since then, it's been business as it was prior to the outbreak, with zero requirements for masks, even most of the employees don't wear them. Same goes for our Lowes, well, in their favor, they do have plexiglass at the check- out counters, but those lines are a 20-30 minute wait, employees don't wears anything either. This while we rank 3rd in the State as far as county's go in positive tests, active cases and deaths...I'm all hazmat suited up when I go and get stupid looks, I guess it's expected since most of the shoppers are 30 and younger and they feel that they aren't at risk, so why bother? On the other end of the spectrum, our costco recently made masks mandatory for entrance, however, as in wallyworld, most younger shoppers simply pull them down after passing through the entrance and go their merry way, coughing in every which direction when they do so, not even bothering to pull them over their mouths and or noses as they're in line to checkout....ANGRY " GET OFF MY LAWN" rant from someone with copd, after having both lungs collapsed in the recent past, making me a high risk baby-boomer.. So while it's said to watch my own lane while driving, you can't always avoid the other drivers, collisions will occur no matter how cautious you are( my main objection while driving isn't the seat-belt law talk earlier here, it's the "texting while driving" and the "on the hand held phone" drivers that cause the most accidents, even after the law was enacted!!)
  6. I'll admit in my old age, that I tend to be long-winded, with my lung issues, it's the only way I can be, which pleases my wife..but I digress main part of the post is that this all started back on Mar 18th, with a 1.1 billion dollar emergency funding, where 100million was earmarked for hotel/motel room rental for the homeless, starting in Alameda co. called "Room Key" by Gov. Newsom. secondary aspect was my opinion about LA county abusing their power, if they are indeed, attempting to strong-arm those private companies as has been reported, or rather, posted about. ( long winded again? for me to say yes, in part, you are correct)
  7. I want to comment about the hotel issue here in Ca...FWIW, I live in Stockton, in the San Joaquin county, just south of Sacramento, so we get most, if not all of Newsom's appearances on TV updating his efforts, (angers my wife as they've been preempting the only new episode time slot for her favorite show, Judge Judy), anyway, Gov Newsom started his campaign to protect our homeless here in Ca back in march, starting in Alameda county, mainly the city of Oakland: He spoke on TV about purchasing hotel rooms for the homeless, "Room key" was his name for that project, as well as other efforts in the battle against what's happening statewide during this crisis.... I have zero knowledge about LA county and their "efforts"? in this, whether or not they're acting under his project guidelines, or acting on their own take. I mean, to my knowledge, those hotels/motels we're discussing are private property, and they're trying to strong arm them into accepting their agenda, no? They're being offered 3 months of room rental money for empty rooms, but it's their prerogative to either accept or decline. Imagine if you were offered 3 months of rental money for any rooms you have in your home to house the homeless, but you decline for whatever reason, and by declining their offer, they threaten you with public shaming, or even seizure or your private property? it's akin to what they're doing, those hotels/motels are also private property, no? I mean, they can either take the money, house the homeless for 3 months or not. Why should the city council have the power to name those that decline the offer in an effort to shame them? If those hotels/motels are empty, perhaps taking the 3month room payments instead of having zero income from them, would be the prudent/moral/humanitarian approach, putting money in pockets in these stressful times is something that a lot of people here are missing, but as far as I'm aware, it's not a law. We've seen locally, some offenders of certain laws, prior to this crisis, that have made the blotter reports such as dui's, as well as others, being named in smaller, local newspapers and local tv in an effort to shame them publicly, but this isn't about anyone breaking a law. I guess my point is that this isn't a new approach at protecting the homeless here, and I haven't heard of any hotels/motels rejecting the proposal in this area. I do acknowledge that our area has not been hit as hard as LA and it's surrounding area, Orange County, and farther south into San Diego and it's surrounding areas, which are larger than here, with a higher homeless population, that need/should be considered in these times rather than forgotten and pushed aside or simply stepped over.... just pointing out that this approach started back in mid March, but with no threats of exposure to the public for declining the offer of income, but it would be the humanitarian thing to do. Those hotel workers would actually having an income from doing their jobs instead of drawing unemployment( which might be a lot more than they'd make with their actual wages, which could be an incentive NOT to work) but that's a different discussion altogether. What's the best way to deal with this? Maybe ask the State to step in and set guidelines?? (Shrugs) A state of emergency has not been declared, so IMHO, the city is abusing their power if they are indeed attempting to strong-arm/shame those that choose to decline, in the same manner that the Feds would be viewed if they were forcing people to surrender their private property for any reason that isn't deemed an emergency, which the homeless being left to defend themselves during times like these,"could" be viewed as,(Nope, I'm not a dem, nor a rep, I march to my own drumbeat)...but again, it'd be the humanitarian thing for these hotels/motels to accept and get some of these homeless off the streets for a few months, and then go from there, but forcing/strong-arming them? I don't agree with that tactic My take anyway.
  8. I need to add that we need hopes and dreams, without them we could fall into depression, in the same respect that we need the side that reminds us that not every thing that we want will be in-order to keep ourselves from setting us up for disappointments, a checks and balance system if you will, as both are an integral part of life..lean too far to one side, and we might not have the ability to keep our sanity, or civility if you will....which we seem to lose at time on these forums...BE TOLERANT of each side, neither of which is correct or right here as of now...hopefully things change and we hear those wonderful words: PLAY BALL....If I had a lawn to mow, I'd do so just to remind myself of going to see the A's as a kid in the late 60's.....I miss those times.....
  9. Let me preface this response before getting into it as it's rather long, and might be too profound to some..I'm of the belief that each and every one of us here, in this forum, wants baseball to restart, otherwise we wouldn't be here, period. Now I may be wrong, and to those that don't want baseball to resume this season, we all ask that you simply stop trolling. I seriously don't want to believe that anyone is trolling here. That said, we're all different in our thought processes, and while we may have differing opinions, EVERYTHING being posted here is just that, an opinion, zero facts, all opinions or wants..and there are 3 sides to every opinion, yours, theirs, and the mine, I'm in the wait and see side, I'll believe it when it is, until then, all of my hopes are that it will resume at some point, hopefully this summer if it's safe enough......I've raised my kids and grandkids telling them that things aren't until they are, period, no matter how much we want them to be, until they are, they simply aren't, and there's no debate about that..Just because someone says something, it doesn't make it so, even if someone in power says they want it to be, it still isn't until it is, no rainbows, no unicorns,it's just that the only fact being reported here is this: " Just because something isn't, doesn't meant it can't, or won't be", and nothing that isn't, is, until it actually is", period. I'm of the mind that those words are exactly what they are..Now I've tried my hardest to stay away from this thread after someone went over the line about me, and one of my posts, but that's all in the past, I'm not here to get into it again, just voicing why I've stayed out of this thread, as it reminds me of the everyday goings on in the Senate, the house, and every other aspect of our government, one side says X and the other says Y, with no give, no middle, just one side vs the other, when both are not right, blah blah blah, but the bolded is a little disingenuous to a degree, while there IS baseball going on in Taiwan, lets tell the rest of the story as to why, or rather how...First of all, they are not a member of the WHO, China has made sure of this, they take care of themselves, alone, and when first word came available about a potential pandemic out of China on Dec.31st,, they sprang into action. They learned their lesson from their sars epidemic of 2003, and made sure they had the needed safety, and medical resources to respond to any other pandemic that might arise.. In other words, they were almost 2 months ahead of the rest of the world in responding to this one, and had everything in place, so, while, yes, you are correct in saying that they are playing baseball there, it's because of how they handled the outbreak before it broke out..We're soo far behind, but gaining ground, that there's no way we could get things up and running until just recently, amid recommendations to the contrary by citizens as well as some experts....Hopefully we can get our great game back soon, but we all need to stop attacking each other because we don't agree, we're all entitled to our opinion, but the fact remains, everything that isn't, will remain so until it is, and just because something isn't, doesn't mean it will remain so...We need to open our minds to see what is, and what might be..otherwise we,( I'm speaking about the US of A posters here) will never be united, I mean, we really aren't after looking at the news, and divided political sides we have, but I digress...Rob Halford said it all in the late 70's on the British Steel album: United we stand, divided we fall...I'm out until baseball starts again, both sides of this thread gives me a headache, I'll keep my coin on it's edge rather than either side...peace out.
  10. Wild is correct in the time trades, waiver claims are processed at 3am. Had to edit after looking at the other thread of yours... when you add/drop a player, does it do so for that day? or the following day? since your post said that it will reflect on Monday's roster, go and look at Monday's roster, if it went through, the changes should be there, that's only if roster moves take effect the following day instead of on the day...
  11. It's been my experience that the other owners will look at the owner that gives up the odd number of players, and take into consideration that they have an empty roster slot that needs to be filled after the trade goes through, which would, in theory, make it a 2-2 deal, and look at the potential replacement player from the wire, where there can be players at, or close to in value to the 2 players being traded away, or even higher players available, which would seem to make the deal going to owner A as: Morton, $18,+ replacement player 1 at, or near $9 in value. In this case, for example, would you have added a SP from the wire? If yes, which SP's are on the wire? If, no, which bat would you have added? If you're using auction values, what would their price be? ..My point is, some savvy, or experienced owners take all of this into consideration when assessing odd number of player deals ... People may not agree with this assessment approach, but it is one that takes place in high dollar money leagues, there's more to just face value in odd number player deals.( and no, if you're wondering, I'm not in your league), Just trying to give you some insight as to how, key word here, "some" owners approach and assess trades in high dollar leagues..I don't do redrafts though, but the approach is still one that is utilized in all type leagues. Good luck dealing with them, sometimes you can't change stupid peoples' minds, instead, baffle them with an offer to them where they look like they win, but it benefits you in the short and long term, it may open things up for you with other owners...just one mans' opinion.
  12. Long read, and I suggest you read all of it instead of reaching a point that may support one side or the other as both are addressed. It's an MIT Technology Review that attempts to address saving the economy and stopping this virus at the same time. While there are no answers, it brings up some interesting points:
  13. I want baseball to resume as much as anyone here , but I see a potentially difficult hurdle if families are allowed to be with their husbands while in Arizona: How are the families, mainly the kids, going to take to not being allowed to go anywhere for the duration? How are they going to address their needs? Kids being isolated for months at a time is asking a ton and might not be reasonable. I'm not trying to be negative here, just bringing to light a topic that I haven't seen discussed yet, and it may be something that may be important to the players with families, and we need to accept that it's not for us to decide, nor to judge them if some decide to sit this out to stay home with their families. I've seen players with zero kids saying they'd do it, but I've also seen players with kids balking at the idea. (Shrugs), it's a personal call that none of us can judge. We, as a community are better than this, other times after disagreeing, we get to the point that we agree to disagree, why can't we do the same with this plan to potentially play in Arizona?, and let things play out as they will since we have no say as to what will or won't happen? Nor do we have all the answers, (even though some think they do, on both sides) This, and the other covid thread have kind of stalled, going around in a circle....The bottom line is, we have no idea what will be in 3-4 weeks, much less tomorrow, so lets come together as a community and move forward, share what you will, but be respectful of each others opinion, we all have them, but just because some don't agree with yours, doesn't give anyone the right criticize them, and continue to say crap like, "How can you not see...yada yada yada"... and simply agree to disagree...I realize that it's difficult to do here as it is in most aspects of life, but you know that if we, only speaking about Americans with this tid-but, but if we all shared the same opinion and ideals, we'd be great again.. So, what about the kids?
  14. Not sure if this has been shared, for those interested in tracking the stats of the virus, I found this link that's updated every minute:
  15. Immune was the wrong wording, I apologize that my initial post offended you this much, it was meant to include that this age group is the main age group that has the highest risk of spreading the virus since that age group out number the other age groups, and that they're the ones frolicking on the beaches during Marde Gras, and spring break, and beaches being open in Fla, but I do admit that they did close the parking lots there, only to see them on the beaches anyway, as recently as 2 weeks ago, disregarding all warnings, and they're supposed to be intelligent Collage students? Our future leaders? All this was AFTER the information was reported world wide about how easily it can be transmitted, as well as how deadly it can be to my age group, 60+. and these are our future leaders making the decision to go there and party with the mind set that they weren't at risk, even after the news was full of warnings, yea, I'm a little peeved about it, sorry for the original, is this better? And I find it amusing that you singled out this post, which is factual nonetheless, the point was/is, that the more infected, the faster it could spread, and the longer we'll need to recover from this pandemic, as "dragging down the quality of this thread" when there have been some, shall we say, ignorant posts saying that the flu was worse? Even after multiple links were shared that showed the opposite, from highly regarded medical personal including the CDC..Not trying to bring up a dead horse with that comparison,, but those continued statements earlier brought on some heated disagreements, that truly "dragged down the quality of the thread" with troll like posts, that you skipped over, this one did not, but thanks for pointing out my error. Perhaps you can spend your time finding posts that contain out-dated or misleading information to critique in the future? Thanks for calling me out so I could speak my mind, us old farts need to since we're that 1-3% and need to let ya'll know that our lives DO matter. I made the 2nd post since I left all this out of the first post...had I included everything, I wouldn't have needed the 2nd one. Did I do better this time? Stay safe bro