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  1. Hope this turns out ok for this kid, there's been a lot of pressure on him to meet expectations. I remember when Greinke dealt with the same issues after he was drafted in '02. He took 2 years off to gather himself.
  2. It's a dynasty, you don't look at the snap shot, you look at the portrait...Tucker is the long term choice..
  3. If it's daily, send me the link and I'll give it a look..Bassinnpoker@gmail.com
  4. I live waaayyy out in the boonies in a Marina on a houseboat, and do you know who was making deliveries on July 4th and 5th? UPS was....hmmmmmm, I'm getting the feel that the owners are going to get the 48 game season that they wanted after all. These delays on tests are going to play right into their hands, great hiring job there on the delivery teams Manfred, just as instructed...unforeseen my 4th point of contact....
  5. He was out of options and the A's needed to clear a 40 man roster spot for 17 yr old SS phenom Puason. Without the trade, he'd have been put on waivers, and most likely claimed, this way, they at least got something for him. He still has upside, speed with a decent hit tool, but he just didn't fit in the A's future, especially with Laureano manning CF now, which is where Mateo might end up..
  6. Thanks for link, but I'm going to pass on this one.. best wishes..
  7. If it's still open: bassinnpoker@gmail.com..
  8. Do you have a link to view the team and league settings?
  9. Not implying that it applies with Pearson, but it's worth noting that only players on the 60 man lists are elig to trade.
  10. Here in Ca, we've had an uptick in cases too, but the short season won't start for another month, a lot can, and will happen in the next 2 months leading into September... I'm saying if there is baseball, there will be fans come September in the stands...if there is no baseball, it's all moot anyway....
  11. The biggest aspect of the owners' negotiations was, ZERO gate receipts, zero.. there will be fans in the stands before September 1st, and the owners knew this..The union caved to public pressure from the owners' tactics of leaking the information they leaked' I agree with Brock, the fans got played, we turned on the players thinking they were the greedy side, but we get baseball, which is what everyone wanted, that's the piece of candy to quiet us..meanwhile, the owners will be laughing all the way to the bank once stadium open. They won't be full, but 25-30% is a huge win for the owners,
  12. Remember when the owners were stead fast about their negotiations regarding zero gate receipts? hmmmmm, they had to know that this might happen: Ron Roenicke MGR, Boston Red Sox Red Sox president Sam Kennedy said Wednesday that he's "hopeful to have fans at some point" this season at Fenway Park. Kennedy notes that it will depend on the COVID-19 data in Massachusetts at the time. A few clubs seem fairly committed to having some fans in the stands this season and others have said they'll consider it depending on the progression of coronavirus in their s
  13. Owners do have the right to run their companies any way they choose, but every choice comes with a cost. Hate the players all you want for them asking the owners to abide by their agreement to pay them what they agreed upon, and go watch little league, High school or College ball, there's no denying that they are enjoyable to watch, oh, wait, there are no other options this year..they cut off the hands that feed them, the players ARE the product, the best of the best, they put the fans in the seats, so they can buy the jerseys, hats, hot dogs, beer, ice cream for their kids, and all the other
  14. In that scenario, the owners would be able to pocket all monies from the gate, which they're arguing that they'll receive zero gate monies.. It seems that the scales will tip, very favorable in their favor, if/when that happens...and some say the players are the greedy ones.... So, as of today, if a season were to take place,Texas owners, Rangers/Houston, will get to pocket all gate revenues from fans while paying their players as though they receive zero...seems like it in good faith to me..
  15. AND, what happens, if, as the summer goes on, that more states allow fans to attend games? do the player get to renegotiate in-season since the numbers will change as far as gate revenues go? Thus negating the stance that the owners have taken about zero gate and concessions revenues? that would give the owners a whole lot more money, no? Admittedly, this only concerns Texas and Houston as of today, but down the line? hmmmm
  16. Interesting take, however, not all ball parks are the same size, so the equal aspect is a non factor here, it's been proposed as a percentage, not an actual set number of fans league wide.... I'm curious to your take as far as, if there is a season, and Texas does allow fans, should Texas and Houston owners factor in the fans in attendance when negotiating with their ball players? Or do they get to negotiate as do the other owners factoring in zero gate? Thus pocketing all the gate monies that the other owners don't? To me, this is a very interesting development that should be addressed
  17. If I'm not mistaken, some States have stated that a % of fans will be allowed to attend games if a season were to occur, no? Texas and some others have stated such, If so, I'd assume that this information, or knowledge, would make the negotiations on the owners side about no fans in the stands being a HUGE financial loss needing to be amended to reflect a revenue gain, not a 100% loss. So, where do they go from there? That is only if this information is correct of course, if not, well,.... back to the bickering...
  18. 2 layer cloth masks with a paper towel as a filter can be made at home, and are effective against droplets, maybe not quit as effective as the 95's, but resourceful minds figured this out back in March to help relieve the shortage and to protect themselves without taking from the front line responders: https://www.cincinnati.com/story/news/2020/03/21/coronavirus-ohio-sew-masks-home-help-doctors-fight-covid-19/2892098001/ Too bad the experts didn't think of this, they were needed earlier. Been wearing mine since late March( Family member is a nurse and told us about making masks in March)
  19. He's not the end all be all expert, he's made mistakes himself...just sayin.
  20. There's a question mark after that word, 'Neither"..with that, I was inferring that it's an individual choice as to who to believe. Me? I'm a high risk person, 60yrs old, copd, both lungs having collapsed, issues from my service time...yada yada yada.. so I suit up hazmat style every time I go out. I'm not vain enough to believe that I know more than experts, nor am I naive enough to believe everything posted on facebook, twitter or any other forum where everyone thinks they're an expert on any given subject, I mean, just read this entire thread from day 1, and you'll get what I mean here....
  21. Working class Americans are ready to get back to work and or, reopen their businesses, that's clear nation wide, and those in the lesser hit regions of America should be able to, but people need to follow safety guidelines if we're to get past this crisis, that is, unless you believe that it's not necessary, if so, then you have to admit that we need to open things up nation wide now and get people back to work, but that might not be what a particular party might want... I see thing as, Red States maybe skewing numbers to the low side, wanting to open up under set guidelines for safety,
  22. The Walmart I frequent only had 2 days where they limited the number of shoppers into the store, that was 3 weeks ago, since then, it's been business as it was prior to the outbreak, with zero requirements for masks, even most of the employees don't wear them. Same goes for our Lowes, well, in their favor, they do have plexiglass at the check- out counters, but those lines are a 20-30 minute wait, employees don't wears anything either. This while we rank 3rd in the State as far as county's go in positive tests, active cases and deaths...I'm all hazmat suited up when I go and get stupid looks,
  23. I'll admit in my old age, that I tend to be long-winded, with my lung issues, it's the only way I can be, which pleases my wife..but I digress main part of the post is that this all started back on Mar 18th, with a 1.1 billion dollar emergency funding, where 100million was earmarked for hotel/motel room rental for the homeless, starting in Alameda co. called "Room Key" by Gov. Newsom. secondary aspect was my opinion about LA county abusing their power, if they are indeed, attempting to strong-arm those private companies as has been reported, or rather, posted about. ( long winded aga
  24. I want to comment about the hotel issue here in Ca...FWIW, I live in Stockton, in the San Joaquin county, just south of Sacramento, so we get most, if not all of Newsom's appearances on TV updating his efforts, (angers my wife as they've been preempting the only new episode time slot for her favorite show, Judge Judy), anyway, Gov Newsom started his campaign to protect our homeless here in Ca back in march, starting in Alameda county, mainly the city of Oakland: https://www.sfchronicle.com/politics/article/Coronavirus-and-homelessness-California-buys-15141873.php He spoke on TV about pu
  25. I need to add that we need hopes and dreams, without them we could fall into depression, in the same respect that we need the side that reminds us that not every thing that we want will be in-order to keep ourselves from setting us up for disappointments, a checks and balance system if you will, as both are an integral part of life..lean too far to one side, and we might not have the ability to keep our sanity, or civility if you will....which we seem to lose at time on these forums...BE TOLERANT of each side, neither of which is correct or right here as of now...hopefully things change and we
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