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  1. MLB suspended Hinch and Luhnow. Cora is named to be much more involved, should the Red Sox simply fire him now? doing it now could allow them time to find a new manager before spring training. with as much as Cora was involved, I wouldn't be surprised if he was banned for life.
  2. baseball players have tried stealing signs for a very long time. it's why the pitcher/catcher change signs when there is a runner on 2nd base. this goes back decades and baseball has done nothing to prevent this. they were explaining this one night on MLB network. the cameras that home teams use in the one video room has a camera that is always pointing close on home plate and the catcher. that would make it easy to see what signs the catcher is using and use that to steal the signs. if this video room can be abused live during game time, then just make this video room unavailable during the game. then players wouldn't be able to abuse this technology to steal signs live during the game. it wouldn't stop teams from using video replay to make them better players.
  3. people have been stealing signs with a different method for a very long time in baseball. stealing signs with this technology is wrong because as far as I know it's written in the rules, but stealing signs in general is not. I think it could make a difference who the pitchers Houston was facing.
  4. I understand a punishment because as far as I know it's in the rules. but I don't think it's as big of a deal as people want to make it out to be. from what I remember on MLB network, this specific video room used for stealing signs is different than the regular video room. this specific room used for the cheating should be off limits during game time.
  5. but the same thing could be said about any team more comfortable playing at home. this doesn't have the mean it was because they were cheating with knowing signs. if the Astros were not stealing signs with this technology, would they have been stealing signs the old fashioned way which is simply part of baseball history.
  6. their teams were still stacked with talent.
  7. I think I'm in the minority, where I really don't care if the Astros were stealing signs.I don't think that is what made them a great team or what made the difference in them winning the World Series. but maybe I'm naive or ignorant to the scope of everything.
  8. with Encarnacion at DH and Abraue at 1B, the OF looks to be set with Jimenez, Robert, and Mazara? or does Mazara lose playing time against LHP?
  9. fangraphs has projections from streamer and depth charts.39 HR each, 96/93 RBI. https://www.fangraphs.com/players/yordan-alvarez/19556/stats?position=DH baseball-reference has projections, 24 HR, 71 RBI. https://www.baseball-reference.com/players/a/alvaryo01.shtml rotochamp says 42 HR, 115 RBI. https://www.rotochamp.com/Baseball/Player.aspx?MLBAMID=670541
  10. I can't help but to disagree. if this prospect Liberatore was as good as some say then the Rays should have/could have gotten so much more than they did. multiple other teams could have offered more for this top pitching prospect. the Rays could have gotten an all star.
  11. maybe this gives the Reds more ability to trade Senzel to Cleveland in something for Lindor.
  12. Tigers signed both Jonathan Schoop and CJ Cron.
  13. it's specifically the New York media. that is why I included a link only about players with the Yankees. I've seen this talked about before which is what made me think about it and why I brought it up. I've explained why I brought it up with evidence to support why I brought it up. I don't really care to go any further.
  14. my first post I said "does everyone just assume Cole is going to be elite no matter what? " I was questioning whether Cole would be someone able to handle the pressure in NY and not be impacted. that is why I included "he wouldn't be the first. Randy Johnson went to the Yankees and wasn't much good" because I've seen it said that Randy Johnson did not like the NY media and that is what impacted his numbers. it could be said that it wasn't being 41, it was his inability to handle NY media. https://www.espn.com/mlb/news/story?id=1963886 Cole may love the media and thrive in the pressure. but it is possible that like others he might not. that was my only point in what I said.
  15. this is flawed because it doesn't take into account that every single player is different. this is why I don't really like this argument because some always want to try and calculate it when it's impossible considering players are human. you could have 100 players with 99 of them never being impacted by the pressure, but that doesn't mean the next player will or wont be impacted by the pressure because that one new player could be completely different than the other 100.