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  1. Osuna hurt tonight, and wasn't available last night.
  2. if Osuno has to miss time, Pressly is next?
  3. I hate closers, I hate them. SOB ruining ERA/WHIP losers. is Buttrey next?
  4. this season is a clusterfu**. how can anyone even play fantasy baseball seriously, just have fun and take chances. I'm only in 2 public yahoo leagues because my keeper league decided not to play.
  5. I assume this is something new for this season in public yahoo leagues, along with using waiver wire budget. when the add is processed, that player is added to your team for that day? in the past when you added a player on waivers, he wasn't on your team until the following day.
  6. countseth if you could update this with any new players confirmed to be out that would be great.
  7. I don't know if this was asked, but how would yahoo work in games played for position eligibility that would then carry over to 2021? even in a shortened season would players still need 5 games started or 10 games played in order to get that eligibility for this season and then to carry over that position for next season? it would be better if players could carry over whatever position they finished with in 2019 into 2021 regardless of how 2020 plays out. for example I doubt Mike Moustakas is going to play 3B for the Reds in whatever the season looks like, but because this season will be a mess he should still carry over 3B eligibility along with new 2B eligibility into 2021.
  8. he could want to play and be motivated to get his mind off his wife. he is in a better position with Arizona.
  9. for everything baseball. I feel like I would be leaning Marte. Harper has more power, but Marte is a better hitter and brings more speed.
  10. sad about his wife. also saw a debate on twitter about Bryce Harper and someone said they would take Starling Marte over Harper. discuss. I think I would have to take Marte, and we haven't seen the best from him yet since he's been buried in Pittsburgh. Harper to me has been overrated.
  11. I remember when Jose Cruz JR was a rookie still with the Mariners. I don't remember the price at card shops but his Bowman rookie card was on fire and he was barely in the majors. some of the rookie cards from the 80's of great HOF players are so low. Greg Maddux Topps Traded rookie, last I checked was $12.00.
  12. one of my happiest memories was in the mid 90's when I ordered a box of 500+ packs of cards (90% baseball) from shop at home. I spent hours opening up packs of cards with so many stars and rookie cards. sucks that most of the rookie cards from the early 90's are not worth what you would think. I remember watching a special on TV about baseball cards, and how Upper Deck was making sheets of just the 89 Griffey rookie.
  13. my favorite player has always been Fred McGriff. I'm about 2 hours south of Toronto. as a kid in the 80's I loved the Blue Jays and McGriff. I had a bunch of memorabilia, tshirts, posters. my favorite number was even 19. I was only a kid but I knew players sometimes changed teams, but I never even imagined that McGiff could be traded, he was young and in his prime. then came the trade with the Padres, McGriff and Tony Fernandez for Joe Carter and Roberto Alomar. I was devastated. I didn't understand how they could trade McGriff. it worked out for the Jays with 2 World Series championships, but I still felt impacted by the trade. I haven't really had a favorite player like that since.
  14. since things don't have to be the same, why would Wimbledon have to be in the same place it always has been? organizers don't have to be there in person to organize. what should be essential is things that are more normal so that people don't literally go crazy. we have months of this left, with no sports at all. some people are going to have a mental break down.
  15. people really can't organize this without being close with another? I don't believe that. organizers should be able to do this via video. workers in attendance should be able to sanitize the arena without being close to someone else.