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  1. 1. Bruce Bowen 2. Bill Laimbeer 2. Dennis Rodman and Ron Artest, tie
  2. He is good for a white hot stretch lasting a few months every several seasons. Looks like we caught him flush in this hot streak and the season is short enough we have to ride or die.
  3. Pablo me down -Popeye The kind of unheralded player who gets hot, you hire, you ride hot hand, cut when he's cold. If he doesn't catch cold, maybe he is a keeper, many stranger things happen.
  4. Easy swiss army knife pickup based on momentum. I have zero faith he provides lasting value, but CI/MI/OF is what I needed so he was hired.
  5. Numerous podcast hosts have discussed running multiple H2H matchups weekly to increase sample size, almost exclusively to reduce variance and promote "true outcomes." It makes sense. I am finding it really hard to make pre-season roster moves. Having added recovering guys like Judge/Stanton/Rich Hill, and youngsters like M Gore, made it hard to add guys like Zach Britton ... on top of that I have an IL full of guys ready to replace slow starts. This is where the aggression comes in to play. Do you replace your known SP4-5 with a guy who could save 8 games? Who even knows when Chapman comes back? Too many variables. This is a good season to just say "to heck with convention" take some chances, and learn from your mistakes. You just might find some new angles and advantages.
  6. Picked him up cheap a couple weeks ago as insurance for my swing and miss Stanton/Judge OF. This is the kind of player who, if he does really well in such a short season, could propel you from maybe a contender to a real contender. Or be cut after 1-2 bad weeks. Dart throw mostly.
  7. Easy, just like a few weeks ago when they rejected numbers bigger than 70, the MLBPA is rejecting 60 now so they can propose 60 when MLB says 50-55. This is one of the dumbest games of chicken we have ever witnessed. I and probably most of us are firmly on the players sides, but I'd happily tell them both to take a hike if they cancel the season, making them both culpable in a MLB season suicide.
  8. This is the key to the Price situation IMO. To drive your point further, once they win a WS with him on roster (make of his role what you will) if anything he has now served his intended purpose and it's much easier to move on rather than risk him doing more damage to clubhouse/chemistry/himself by getting injured. As a RS fan I was not a fan of the trade, hoped like heck it would bear the kind of fruit it thankfully did, and beyond that, whatever. Bloom was wise to move on considering he found a dance partner and would risk losing Betts for zippo. As for Yorke, I am not a fan. AT ALL. A guy at 139 depending on your preferred list would have been a good risk to come back to them in the third. It never feels right to me to take such a reach, you're destroying the value you get. Maybe they are hoping he enrolls in college so they can just roll over the money to other players. In that light it makes a bit more sense. But if you're at that point, explore trading pick.
  9. So many anagrams to choose from. Crash Isle, Chair Less... Chris Sale has lots of problems and many of them can be expressed in an anagram of his name. It was a good ride buddy.
  10. The sooner this virus is officially declared by WHO to be a pandemic, the better it will be for our everyday lives. It will end large quarantines and isolation. Staying clean and social distancing will become the norm. The longer we are in non-pandemic limbo, the more inconvenient it will be for everyone since we'll still be trying to stop a global outbreak (let's not kid ourselves we're there). People can take this lightly all they want, but there are a lot of fat Americans with bad lymph systems and other major pulmonary and heart issues, and lots of them sitting in stands for games. It might be best for people with elevated risk to keep themselves away from the most crowded places like mass transit, theaters, and stadiums for a while. But to each their own. I'd rather take it too seriously and be mocked, than not seriously enough and suffer meaningful medical consequences.
  11. All aboard the big man stat train. Hello to the new flavor of the week or perhaps few weeks. I'm expecting a few more great games, a dud or two thrown in for good measure, and a cut candidate before March is out. Good enough.
  12. He is DND for me unless I can get him under $10 at auction which ain't gonna happen. Something resting on his bone that they 'don't have to remove' yet is contributing to discomfort. Sounds like eventual multi-month absence to me.
  13. This is the way It Was Written All aboard the Nazty train
  14. Some guys make their own good luck, Kyrie makes his own terrible luck. As of today I'm building a voodoo doll and that's the only share of Irving I ever expect to have again.
  15. NBA season is a MaraThon, don't give up on him after one bad game. We don't know what coach is up to, but I always pay attention when players with some skill fall into a productive role, regardless of duration. Dieng is a good example - nobody knew how long KAT would be out, but just pounce and ride the gravy train until it crashes hard. Last roster spots aren't expected to do anything for you, it's all juice.