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  1. Probably highly dependent on landing spot and role he plays there. I am dubious about top 150 ROS value from Dedmon in 9-cat. However, I signed up to burn myself again last night after this strong line, will activate him if trend of showcasing continues, but without the expectation of sustained value and production. Basically, I churned one of my last two bench spots for him.
  2. All of a sudden Kawhi left Jrue in the DUST. #9 overall, #4 per game in BasketballMonster's 9-cat ranking. This guy is amazing.
  3. His production in hustle stats will come around, but it seems likely he will be a popcorn stat stuffer and lack a little bit in the 1-1-1 cats. If he becomes the stud we think he likely will, he might be slightly overdrafted as a result, over the long term.
  4. Per game in 9 cat Butler is 11th. Last four years 15-10-10-15. Not sure what people are expecting, his Pts Z-value is up from last year. Did everyone assume they were getting a top five player? The buyer's remorse on this guy is unfathomable. Not everyone wins every pageant.
  5. Morris would be dropped like yesterday's sandwich wrapper if there were anyone else worth starting from the wire tonight. Saved by the big slate of games.
  6. The uneven performances worry me slightly - Only because he has gone a bit mental before. The main thing is he’s beating ADP just about everywhere.
  7. Melton is great as a stash, so much better than a reliable, lackluster player. He can make a nice impact in roto leagues.
  8. Supports the theory that he is an under appreciated asset. I’m loving his evolution as a player.
  9. His fantasy value and trade value are so far apart. Looks most of us are best served riding the gravy train and hoping it stays good.
  10. Can you start neither? That's what I would do. Looks like you're in no-man's land with these two presently. Brown's production just caved with Beal back the last two games so you can't trust his prior production. Nance put up a dud without Love playing, and has been slacking all season. Ugly pills. Moving forward, just wait for Beal's health to flare up again and get Brown back in there. For tonight, I don't envy your situation.
  11. D'Anthony Melton - Start or Sit vs CLE? For roto UTIL slot, I give him about a 7 out of 10 for startability tonight. Delon Wright vs POR? This one is a lot trickier. Wright's production is super-sneaky efficient and will give popcorn lovers hives. I give him a 4-5 of 10 for startability. I'm rolling both these guys out tonight, but the real reason Wright is starting is I need some games played. Who you got?
  12. With Murray most likely sitting for a little while, Monte Morris was an easy scoop for tonight's game. Start with confidence? Only if you need extra games (if in roto)? My approach when hiring a guy is ya did it for a reason so stick your neck out there and start him. Anyone else? Plum opponent in the 'Arriors.
  13. With Culver it's going to take a leap of faith. Loved him coming into the league after the top tier rooks like Zion and Ja. But dude can't shoot NBA ball yet. Been making my living in roto for years with strong percentages and that's why I dropped him after drafting him (deep 12 teamer). If you want to talk yourself into hiring him, just look at his 46/68 line for college career, or 46.1%/70.7% last year. If you take the chance you might get burned, if you wait he'll be gone. Dilemma. I'm steering clear despite the fanboy affection.
  14. Dieng has a remote shot at top 50 ROS and a very good shot at top 75 ROS if they ship KAT. So glad I swung for fences with Dieng, as surely all his fellow owners are. Big cheers.
  15. It sure seems like it, but cut out the white noise and I'm intrigued (especially as a Dieng owner) by the speculation that Minn might be "A.D.-ing" KAT like NOP did last year, and there is something really valuable here.