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  1. Yep. Lost Cam (would have benched him anyway) and am going Trubs over Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson.
  2. Robby Anderson and Allen Robinson for me. I’d go Robert Foster over him too, I think.
  3. Can't trust Cam after barely surviving his lack of production - going with one of Trubisky, Jackson or Allen instead.
  4. I know last week was brutal (I stupidly started him over Allen Robinson AND Anthony Miller), but this week vs. Oakland could be a nice bounce-back game.
  5. Not sure what to make of ARob if Rhodes plays. Anthony Miller may be the preferred play in this case (though I'm unsure offhand how strong MIN is vs. slot receivers), for owners who have both players.
  6. Started 4 RBs, lowest-scoring one was MG3 with 25 points.
  7. I get to start MG3, CMC, Chubb and Aaron Jones every week (2 flex).
  8. For other owners needing to replace ARob, I like Miller as a dart throw. He apparently was close to having a huge game last week; I think there’s a shot connecting with Miller was a point of emphasis during practice this week, and the matchup is rather juicy.
  9. Good point. With the receiving core as banged up as it is though, why not use Duke in the slot and Chubb in the backfield so your best playmakers are on the field together? I could really use WR eligibility on Duke!
  10. Wish they’d just use him as a slot receiver so he could get WR eligibility or something.
  11. Can't wait to drop this guy. 2 catches on 10 targets - that's rough.
  12. Crazy that he made it to the second round for some folks (like me). Time to get this guy on my MUT team!
  13. Doesn't Gore have a history of slowing down in the second half?