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  1. Ravens make sense in terms of football need, but I wonder what their appetite is for extracurriculars after what they went through with Earl Thomas.
  2. Did you see that Cowboys fan in tears over his team’s play and his gf trying to cheer him up? 😆
  3. I wouldn't be surprised if Murray's way too into his own stats
  4. These RW blurbs are all over the place: after the Bell signing CEH was destined to be a COP back, and in today's he's a low-end RB1. You have to be encouraged about CEH's performance today regardless.
  5. Steve Levy is dreadful. Just be happy he didn't do the Chiefs game with the way he tries to pronounce Helaire.
  6. After CEH delivering with a nice differential vs. my opponent’s Hill, I need 27 from Nuk in 0.5 ppr. I wish I just started Justin Jefferson over Gibson like I was going to do before Riverboat Ron’s stupid quote on Gibson during the week...