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  1. Pdog is right. This isn't fake. It's just the way things normally are at that hospital, not unique to this pandemic. That hospital is swamped with illegals, which diverts a ton of their resources.
  2. Watch this clip. It's being reported that Bruce Arians didn't like his time with Brown. That was 9 years ago.
  3. In the old days, a friend of mine was in a band and they had a rule: "no girlfriends at practice". It was a great rule. BOB's mistake was the same one he always makes: he didn't get fair value in the trade.
  4. Risk #1 - From what I saw in the playoffs, Deebo hasn't learned how to play WR yet, so they use him as a gadget player. That kind of player is never a big fantasy factor. Risk #2 - Even if Deebo gets better at WR next year, they have some other guys with talent (Pettis, Bourne, Hurd). Any one of those guys might figure it out as well. Risk #3 - This team doesn't pass much and Jimmy G struggled from training camp to the Super Bowl.
  5. The Ravens are playing 1940s football. NFL defenses aren't prepared for that because they are geared up to stop modern offenses. Once the playoffs start, game planning gets more serious. The results speak for themselves.
  6. He's waiting for the blocks to develop and they never did.
  7. I noticed watching the highlights that Bobby Wagner did play.
  8. We should get a bonus point for that fumble recovery!
  9. The Giants are #5 in the NFL defending TEs. But if you look at their schedule, you'll see they haven't faced any excellent TEs all season. A big key: safety Jabrill Peppers is out and will be replaced by a rookie. Peppers played a big part in holding Vikings Pro Bowl tight end Kyle Rudolph to one catch for a season-low 4 yards in Week 5. Peppers would frequently match up with the opponent’s top tight end in man coverage, something the Ertz and Goedert have grown accustomed to seeing this season. I think there's a great chance that Eagles TEs get a TD or two.
  10. 91-yard TD:
  11. Gronking his way down the sideline to set up the game-winning field goal
  12. My worry this week is that the OL sucks and Carolina leads the NFL in sacks.