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  1. What a shame, the Bengals pass D without Jackson was as bad as advertised. Such a wasted opportunity.
  2. I'm making a waiver claim this week for Matt Patricia's gut.
  3. I remember Shady helping me win by a single point that week.
  4. Cincinnati's best CB (William Jackson) has been ruled out for this game.
  5. Looks like Melvin Ingram and another DL are returning this week.
  6. from Rotogrinders: OK, I'm a bit worried.
  7. Troy Aikman had a rare useful comment during the game. When Fulgham ran the corner route at the goal line, the CB was playing him for that route and had great position initially, yet Fulgham still got through him and beat him to the corner of the end zone. But Wentz didn't expect him to beat the coverage, so he threw it out of bounds. Next time he'll have confidence in Fulgham and it will be a TD.
  8. What happened to it? They racked up 8 sacks in the opener, but only have 8 total sacks in the last 5 games. I'm debating whether they're a great play vs Dallas this week or just so-so.
  9. Why has the Washington pass rush been so weak this year? After getting 8 sacks in Week 1, they have only managed 8 sacks total in the last 5 weeks. They have so much talent up front.
  10. that feel when you're praying for an upgrade to Teddy Bridgewater ...
  11. Do you have a source for this? I see that Melvin Gordon didn't travel because he had strep throat.
  12. I see - Sanders fumbled and it was recovered by a teammate for a TD.
  13. How did Eagles score their 14 points? I see a TD + 2-pt conversion and that's it.