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  1. Im In. Just have to make a groupme. It’s .5 PPR right?
  2. Also those payouts only add up to $2200. Should be $2400 if it’s 100% payouts
  3. Remove John bad too. Set the league to 12 people and let’s get this going!
  4. Ben Moss was the last to pay. Remove him and he’ll get a refund on Leaguesafe
  5. Just emailed you another. Reddit is blowing up. First to pay is in!
  6. $300 PPR Auction Drafting Tonight 915 EST Post emails. League Settings $300 (225+75) buy in league. Main Pot (225x12= $2,700) Champion: $1,600 2nd Place: $750 3rd Place: $300 4th Place: $50 Competitive Pot (75x12= $900) Most Points (weeks 1-16): $400 2nd Most Points: $200 3rd Most Points: $100 4th-7th: $50 Playoff seeding by a Wins system in which each team gets a W or L each week after their matchup. Top half of the league in scoring each week receive an additional .5 Wins and weekly high scorer gets a full additional Win. Top 6 teams in Wins at the end of 12 regular season weeks make the playoffs. Playoffs: Wild Card: Week 13 (3 vs 6, 4 vs 5, 1 & 2 on BYE) Semi-Finals: Week 14 (1 vs. lowest seed remaining, 2 vs. highest seed remaining) Championship: Weeks 15-16