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  1. Should I drop Wood for Gafford? Thanks!
  2. Should I trade Giannis and Zion for Luka and JJJ? 12 teams H2H 9 standard cats. Thanks!
  3. Should I trust Edmonds to be my RB2 and try to trade A. Jones for a TE such as Kittle? My TE is OJ Howard and really need to upgrade from him. 14 teams ppr Thanks!
  4. Who should I drop to stream DEF? T. Coleman C. Sutton M. Gallup 10 teams .5 ppr Thanks!
  5. I would give - Middleton and Levert I would get - Beal I'm trying to trade Levert because of his bad playoff schedule. Is it too much giving up for Beal or right price for him? 12 teams, h2h, 9 standard cats Thanks!
  6. It looks like Ingram is on the "sit" list everywhere. Should I start I. Thomas or Dixon over Ingram this week? 12 teams, PPR Thanks!
  7. Who should I start at my RB2 and Flex spots (PPR)? 1. M. Ingram @ TB 2. L. McCoy vs. NYJ 3. A. Ekeler vs. CIN 4. J. Edelman @ MIA Thanks!
  8. I have a dilemma like most owners here. Samuels or Wilson Jr.??? I'm leaning toward on Samuels because I need a TE (lost Walker and OJ Howard). Here is my team - QB: Luck WR: K. Allen WR: Juju RB: Barkley RB: ??? TE: Rudolph Flex: Edelman BN: Ingram, McCoy, Ekeler, Dixon, Hopper, Ridley Should I use my #1 waiver priority on Samuels and put him at TE and put Ingram (against TB) at RB2? Or, should I go for Wilson Jr and put him at RB2 and use Rudolph or Hooper at TE? Any suggestion would be appreciated.
  9. I just got eliminated from the playoffs (only 4 out of 10 teams make playoffs) this week even though my team is the highest scoring team of the season... I lost by very slim margin a few times and my team has got hot too late...
  10. Thank you for helping with mine. Your team looks great. Embiid with 21st, Middleton with 45th, Ayton with 76th, and LeVert with 124th... great picks!!!
  11. Both of these guys are starting very slow... Should I pick up someone like J. Crowder for Isaac or K. Anderson? 12 teams h2h 9 cats Thanks!
  12. I was losing by 15.7 points with only M. Crosby and my opponent had A. Morris... I beat him by 1.3 points with 4 FGs and 4 XPs... A. Morris had 0 point.
  13. I just picked up A. Blue after I heard that L. Miller might not play today. Should I start A. Blue instead of A. Jones? Thanks!
  14. Which side wins? A. Brown and R. Wilson Juju and C. Newton 0.5 ppr Thanks!