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  1. I tried all of the above. Used the computer first, then went to classic, then went to app. None of them would let me. The only thing that worked was going to Tuesday and DL'ing on the computer. Not sure where the glitch is though and if it just let it go through that way.
  2. Thanks. Not sure what is up. Were you able to get Meadow's DL'd? I finally got it to work by going to Tuesday and making the switch and it let me and then it let me go back in to today's lineup and do it. Really weird though. I wasn't sure if my work firewall was messing with me or not.
  3. I'm trying to activate Polanco on Yahoo and I have Lowrie and Sanchez on my bench and both are on the DL currently. Yahoo won't let me DL either one of those guys and activate Polanco. It is saying they are not on the DL. Is anyone else having issues with yahoo currently on this?
  4. I looked in the Player list to see if there was a Holland thread and I didn't see one. Nobody seems to be talking about this guy and he is looking great right now. Last 22 starts going back to June of last season, 129 IP, 142 K (9.91 per 9), and a 2.93 ERA 1.27 WHIP. That is a pretty big sample size at this point. His home/road splits are also identical and he isn't flashing lucky numbers with the BABIP or HR suppression either. He is just pitching really well right now. I don't see anything statistically different from before, but I've watched him going back to his Texas days and he seems to be in much better shape now and has tightened his mechanics. In the past, he got sloppy with location as he got tired and really got hit hard the second or third time through the lineup or just couldn't locate like he wanted. Now that doesn't seem to be happening and he is able to pitch deeper into games. He still walks a few more than I would like, but given his likely cost on draft day, I think he's looking like a pretty good investment at this point.
  5. Free League on Yahoo. We need an active manager to fill out our last spot. This league has been running for around 15 years and has a very active base. You keep 6 (2 must be pitchers). Standard 5 by 5 ROTO Settings. Deeper roster with CI, MI, and 4 OF spots. Draft is Sunday night at 7:15 PST. Please PM me if you are interested in joining or let me know if you have any questions. Thanks. Batting Player H/AB R HR RBI SB AVG José Abreu  132/499 68 22 78 2 .265 Harrison Bader 100/379 61 12 37 15 .264 Michael Brantley 176/570 89 17 76 12 .309 Nicholas Castellanos 185/620 88 23 89 2 .298 Evan Gattis 92/407 49 25 78 1 .226 Alex Gordon 124/506 56 13 54 12 .245 Brandon Lowe 30/129 16 6 25 2 .233 Jed Lowrie 159/596 78 23 99 0 .267 Manny Machado  188/632 84 37 107 14 .297 Starling Marte  155/559 81 20 72 33 .277 J.D. Martinez  188/569 111 43 130 6 .330 Ryan O'Hearn 39/149 23 12 30 0 .262 Amed Rosario 142/554 76 9 51 24 .256 Jonathan Schoop  110/473 61 21 61 1 .233 Tyler White 58/210 27 12 42 0 .276 Pitching Player IP W SV K ERA WHIP Madison Bumgarner 129.2 6 0 109 3.26 1.24 Mike Fiers 172.0 12 0 139 3.56 1.18 Jack Flaherty 151.0 8 0 182 3.34 1.11 Mike Foltynewicz 183.0 13 0 202 2.85 1.08 Brad Hand 72.0 2 32 106 2.75 1.11 Dallas Keuchel  204.2 12 0 153 3.74 1.31 Reynaldo López 188.2 7 0 151 3.91 1.27 Wade Miley 80.2 5 0 50 2.57 1.21 Roberto Osuna 38.0 2 21 32 2.37 0.97 Rick Porcello 191.1 17 0 190 4.28 1.18 José Ureña 174.0 9 0 130 3.98 1.18 Trevor Williams 170.2 14 0 126 3.11 1.18
  6. Awesome! PM your email and I'll send you the link to the team.
  7. It's a free league on yahoo that has run for a number of years and we have 1 opening left to fill. It is a 12 man roto league with standard 5 by 5 settings. It's slightly deeper with CI/MI spots and 5 OF. We are doing a live draft next Sunday the 24th at 7:15 pm PST. Standard yahoo draft with 1:30 timer. You keep 6 players each year and 2 of them must be pitchers. The team that we need to fill has pretty decent keepers options: Manny Machado Starling Marte JD Martinez Jose Abreu Bumgarner Foltynewicz Brad Hand Dallas Keuchel Jack Flaherty Roberto Osuna If you have any questions, let me know. Please post in here or PM me if interested. Thank you.
  8. I feel like Law gets a bad wrap around these parts. Here is what I've found about Law that rubs people the wrong way, he will dislike certain prospects and stick to his guns on those guys, even if they continue to perform. He won't admit that he might be wrong about them. I kind of ignore him on these guys and will look at other sites and reports when evaluating those players. But fans of those clubs get absolutely pissed when "their guy" isn't in his top 100 and bash him over it. I try to block that out for the most part because it isn't helpful. The other thing with Law is that he rates defense much higher than most, so you have to account for that in his rankings. Now, here is where I like Law: I've found that when he is an outlier on guy and hyping him a ton when nobody else is, those guys tend to do very well and end up on everyone else's top 100 the following year. He's really good at finding gems that nobody else is in on yet and that he feels strongly about. I've found that he hits on those guys quite a bit and is better at that part then when he is discrediting a guy that he doesn't feel strongly about. So, what I like to do with Law's stuff is try to see which 4-5 guys he has listed as huge outliers and has way up his list that aren't appearing on any other lists. Usually you can find those guys as discounts in drafts because they aren't on other lists and then they tend to do very well. So, an example of that would be Ke'Bryan Hayes. A few years ago Law had him listed as a fringe guy that just missed his top 100. Then the next year he was at 74, which was still higher than pretty much everyone else and I think his only top 100. This year he is on every top 100 list. I could have had him as a last round pick in my draft two years ago and didn't take him and he went undrafted. Wish I would have grabbed him when he was a fringe pick. I remember Law really pushing Walker Beuhler hard a few years ago as well, even though he was out with TJ. I drafted him in a league because of that. I use pretty much everything I can find. I really missed Sickels this year. Not sure why SB Nation pulled the plug on him.
  9. At least JD can still field a position and isn't built like a glorified beer league softball player that doesn't belong on a field. The gimmick that is the DH is a disgrace to baseball. I'd love to see the Sox at least consider playing Betts at 2nd a little bit once Pedroia is out of the way. The fact that they are doing it now, means that they are at least open to that idea. Despite the lack of versatility that the DH invites in the AL, it still seems to be a quality that a lot of teams are embracing around baseball.
  10. I had no idea they were talking about moving Betts there when I suggested Holt. What a crazy time to make that switch, but Betts is an elite athlete. As a Betts owner in a dynasty, I'd love to see him get second base back. Dodgers hit a ton of flyballs, so I'm not sure it makes sense to weaken that outfield defense to get the extra bat in there. Is this only for the NL games maybe? So they can get JD in the OF and still have all their key bats? Of will this be all series because Kinsler can't hit lefties? Either way, interesting development.
  11. JD crushes lefties and hit .336 vs. this year and .376 last season against them. He also has the advantage of playing them last year in the division, so he has a track record against a lot of the Dodgers pitching that nobody else on Boston will have. Dodgers will be very careful with him all series and I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't get a ton to hit, even at the expense of getting walked quite a bit. Oddly enough, Ian Kinsler can't hit lefties at all. .191 on the season with zero power. They may be better off playing Holt over him, who has reverse splits and hit .292 against lefties this year. They lose a little bit with the glove though, so Kinsler will probably get the nod for that reason.
  12. I posted in the Jeffress thread, because I wasn't sure if he had a physical issue, but hasn't looked right since. This explains why they were hush-hush about it and don't think he has a physical issue. I'm rooting for the guy and hope he pitches well the rest of the way.
  13. Hendricks is throwing darts out there today. His sequence to Williamson last AB was a thing of beauty. Two nasty pitches on the black away for strikes, two in the dirt to see it he would chase, and then the elevator fastball for the K. After seeing 4 in a row low and away, he wasn't going to touch the elevator, even at 89. He's putting the ball wherever he wants to today.
  14. You know that he has a medical condition right? It's probably a miracle that the guy has been as good of a ball player as he has been in his career.'s_disease I'll never say a bad thing about Hunter Pence. He's a good guy. Has been a great Giant and a great ambassador for the game. He's always done good things for people in and around the game, in the clubhouse and for the fans. Father time gets all of us eventually. I hope he is a good trooper when he is sitting down the stretch for Mac Williamson and I hope the Giants give him the proper send off he deserves at the end of the season.
  15. Bud Norris about to get destroyed. Gotta love closers in non-save situations and being asked to throw a ton of pitches...