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  1. Sorry but this is driving me crazy -- all of the Rotoworld writers this week keep saying things like: "...the legend of #HomeGoff will have a chance to get back on track..." But, but, but, the Rams are playing in England!!! I get its listed as the Rams are the home team, but come on guys, this is your job and your not even aware where the game is being played! And on top of it, you're recommending Goff as a start given the (incorrect) location of the game. (I realize vs. Cincy is still a good match-up)
  2. So I need some opinions on this one. 10 team PPR. I have the first pick, which will be Bell, and I’m already keeping Melvin Gordon with my 2nd round pick since it’s the last pick of the round. Need one more: fitz 4th round Ajayi 8th shepherd 12th chris Thompson 13th thanks!
  3. So I have the first pick in our 10 team PPR league - Gurley and DJ are being kept by another team... I know PPR is Bell's bread and butter, but I worry between no training camp and the wear and tear/carries he's logged the last few seasons that I'd be basing too much on previous performance to take him over Zeke. Plus I don't see any reason Zeke can't push for 50 catches this year with so many available targets.... Is this crazy?
  4. This guy is a tough nut to crack... doesn't pitch late into game but hasn't given up more than 3 ER since his first start of the year... does he have another level or is this what he is?
  5. gotta do better than that Gabe. hopefully he learns quickly
  6. His price tag was absurd after what he posted last 2 years. Love him for the cost. Money making money.
  7. Dinger, dinger, chicken dinger. Anybody buying this guy as a post-hype breakout? Top 10 2B doesn't seem out of the realm of possibility for him, IMO
  8. Welcome fellow Perez owners. This is the droid you’re looking for. (I have no idea but he’s the best FA option in my league so yeah)
  9. Yes I dropped Burkhead after TNF last week in NFL.com fantasy
  10. 12 team, PPR. I have the 12th pick in 1st rd. Melvin Gordon - 5th round pick Jay Ajayi - 11th round pick Jimmy Graham - 14th round pick We keep two - been leaning towards Gordon and Graham, but the value on Ajayi is so good. Thoughts and WHIR!!