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  1. With the Verlander news, Josh James. also love Maeda and Carlos Martinez as solid late options
  2. Are there recent examples of players who had a similar procedure without having a drop in a production?
  3. I like my team when I get two solid safe obp guys like Soto Freeman, bellinger devers etc and Mondesi in the 3rd. Start the draft with 70 hrs, 50 steals, and a very competitive obp/avg. If I get 120 games the pick should still be worth it, with SS being so deep it's easy to grab a guy like Polanco or didi to fill in those 20-30 games he's projected to miss. And there's always chance he manages to stay healthy and a 15/60 season Will win your league. I'm all in on Mondesi this year
  4. Between Galloway, Divincenzo, NAW, Hollis Jefferson who’s the highest priority pick up?
  5. How does he not have a thread with the start he's having? Hopefully we can get 55-60 games out of him because he's thriving in this new role.
  6. Was going to go with the Drummond Gobert/Vucevic in my 10 cat DD 12 team 11th pick to start, but realized elite PG are still worth grabbing early. They go fast and can’t be replaced easily. final roster, went for a punt points and FT build. Should have FG REB BLK STL DD on lock Kyrie Lowry Smart Covington Drummond Capela Whiteside Oubre Miles bridges Zach Collins Rondo Danny green Rose
  7. 12 team league, H2H, 11th pick. 10 cat with DD. focused on stocks, rebounding, DD FG, think I’m competitive in 3 and assists. What are your thoughts? Kyrie Lowry Smart Covington Drummond Capela Whiteside Oubre Miles bridges Zach Collins Rondo Danny green Rose
  8. Yea it’s head to head, i think Capela is the only one who might go early in the third. In that case I’ll probably go LA and Lowry
  9. In terms of positions have people had success dominating in one area and going for value in the other? For example i have 11th pick in a 10 cat 12 team league with DD. I could realistically start out with Drummond Vucevic Capela and Aldridge, and end up with guards like Lonzo morant smart Murray etc. I’d lock down fg rebounds blocks double doubles steals and be ok at assists. Is a team like that effective or is it better to be somewhat balanced in the early rounds?
  10. I’m pretty set on Drummond with my first pick in my 10 cat with double doubles. My only concern is if i pair him with Gobert to start, am i way behind in too many categories to start? It seems like i would be way behind in points assists 3s and FT, and I’m not sure it’s worth it to be looking at 5-5 or 6-4 wins every single week.
  11. In a 10 cat double double league, trying to decide 2 out of Drummond Gobert and Vucevic. Is punting 3P, Points and FT too much?
  12. If you start out with Gobert and Drummond in a 10 cat with Double doubles what would be an ideal strategy going forward? Should I go for guards that are good at 3s and steals Like Middleton and Russell? Or should I just dominate the big man categories and grab LA and Capella
  13. From a positional scarcity stand point, do you guys feel more comfortable with the guards or the bigs from rounds 4-8? I'm trying to decide if I want two of jrue Beal kyrie to start or Gobert Drummond and vucevic.
  14. I have 11 in a 12 team 9 cat with DD, would going Drummond and Gobert to start be too much? Or is it better to grab two different positions.