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  1. It’s been a long time since one of these games. Just sucks that it comes against a dumpster fire of a team that he could put up good numbers against.
  2. Yeah the Raptors could use some more consistent shooting.
  3. True about the Raptors. They have a lot of expiring contracts and Masai hasn’t been one to play it safe. Lots of rumors swirling regarding Drummond and others.
  4. I’m a Nance Stan and owner him wherever I could the last few years. He’s had a disappointing start but the Cavs are certainly dealing Love and/or Thompson so I imagine Nance sees 30mpg following the break
  5. 12T I’d say no. Powell is playing much better now and I don’t think Kleber gets much more than 20 minutes with a fully healthy squad. He’s a 14T+ IMO
  6. Assuming Favors misses time, how would you rank them ROS?
  7. *checks FA list to see if Thad is available* 😂
  8. Exactly, Markennen moves to the 5 and Thad to the 4. What we have to hope for is 5-10 minutes with Markennen and Gafford on the floor together. If Markennen doesn’t play the 4 at all then Gafford will still see minutes in the teens. However, on a bad team like the Bulls; I’m hoping for blowout L’s where Gafford can get lots of garbage time PT
  9. Coming off the bench may not be the worst thing for Gafford owners. He should still see 25mpg and he’ll be playing against the back up big on the opposing team. Might be easier for him to put up numbers playing with the 2nd unit. Let’s give it a couple games to see how it shakes out
  10. 16 Team | H2H League | 10 Cats (Standard 9 + FGM) Team: G - Ben Simmons | Trae Young | Derrick White | Damion Lee | Tyus Jones (Flyer) F - Robert Covington | Miles Bridges | TJ Warren | Derrick Jones Jr C - Jaren Jackson Jr | Montrez Harrell | Maxi Kleiber Available FA’s • Culver (clears waivers tomorrow) • Mikal Bridges (clears waivers tomorrow) • Larry Nance (clears waivers Thursday) • Gafford (value assuming WCJ misses weeks) I’m weak at the SG position so my original plan was to go after Culver with a claim (streaming Jones but he’s being dropped) and then put a secondary claim for Bridges if Culver doesn’t fall through, but Gafford and Nance hold value too. Thoughts??? WHIR
  11. No Kawhi No Danny No Lowry for Weeks No Ibaka for Weeks No Powell for Weeks No Siakam for Weeks No Gasol for Weeks...... ......and still with an almost identical record to the team Kawhi went to 🤷🏻‍♂️ Champs.
  12. Giving it 1 more game since they’re playing again tomorrow...but yeah not looking great.
  13. Agree with above. He’s mainly a Points + Rebounds guy with limited 3’s and defensive stats. He should have a good chance to produce but I wouldn’t drop anyone of decent value for him.