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  1. I just dropped him hours before the news broke...asking my commish for a mulligan given the circumstances
  2. HOW IS IT OVER A WEEK LATER AND HE’S STILL SUFFERING FROM FLU LIKE SYMPTOMS??? Seriously, the amount of tanking that goes on in the NBA is outta control. Feels like there’s 3-5 guys on every team, every night that give players questionable tags. It’s all bullshit.
  3. Mike James averaged TWENTY PPG in the 05/06 season. Still remember to this day he was our best player hahaha
  4. I was gonna pick him up until I saw this. He’ll see a bunch of minutes and should provide solid production but 5 games in 14 days is as rough as it comes
  6. I’m keep telling you all.....DON’T DROP NANCE Thompson is on his way out and they’re gonna baby Drummond and Love for the 2020/21 season. Nance will get big minutes down the stretch. Yes, Nance has put up a couple stinkers and has been very low usage but stick with him.
  7. I feel like we’re all losers this year
  8. It’s not like I’m already out Ben Simmons and JJJ this week as is 😭
  9. Yup, none of this sounds good at all
  10. my plan was to deal him but was hoping for a better return
  11. Dedmon...but understand I have 5 C’s and 4 Guards Total in a deep league so I have to trade for positional depth. I made the offer before these last 2 games and before JB was hired. 🤦🏻‍♂️
  12. Sent out a trade offer for him 3 days ago that got accepted 20 minutes before I was gonna cancel the offer....guess I’m all in now 😭
  13. Back for a 3rd time. I’m sure tonight will be a big letdown but let’s roll the dice
  14. WTF these guys have a week off and I lose Simmons and potentially TJ in a shortened back end week.....
  15. Depends on league size I guess. I play exclusively in deep leagues at the moment (16 Teams +) so 25 minutes of production is still better than 95% of what’s available.
  16. I think 25mpg is attainable give how well he’s played with the starting unit. Owning just about any Denver player is tough however, due to depth at all 5 spots
  17. TEAM NANCE MAKE EM DANCE Never Dropping!
  18. Edit: Dedmon starting against Drummond and the Cavs or Nance starting against Collins and the Hawks?
  19. Nance appears to be starting at PF for the injured Love. Do I start him against the Hawks or Dedmon, who will pull 25-30 minutes from the bench against the Cavs?
  20. Also keep in mind Capella’s lingering issue and ATL surely staying towards the bottom of the East to close out the year. I’d roster Dedmon as a handcuff to Clint as I don’t see him being able to play in all the games down the stretch.