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  1. I watched "Black and Blue" on Starz last night Great, Great film.
  2. I watched "Alpha Dog" with Emile Hirsh and Justin Timberlake. A 2006 film. It was a true story. Good film. I liked it. I've been watching so much t.v. during this pandemic that I'm running out of new shows/films to watch. So I'm watching movies I never had a desire to watch in the past but because of the current situation I'm watching films now that I never did before. I watched "Raiders of the Lost Ark" last night. It was ok. I wasn't in love with it. Currently I'm watching "Swingers" with Vince Vaughn and Jon Favreau. It's ok so far. Anyone have a recommendation? Post it here.
  3. I watched the Rise of Skywalker last night. All of these Star Wars movies seem to blend together but I did enjoy the final episode of this saga. You will too. I am not excited for baseball at all. Maybe once something is official I will be but for now I just don't care
  4. I watched La La Land tonight. It started off a little slow but got better after the first 15 minutes. I liked the movie although the ending made me sad So take that for whatever it's worth. I can see why it won Oscars because the screen play was an homage to old Hollywood with it's dancing, etc and the singing but even still, I thought it was a good movie but the ending was sad. It might be a good movie to watch with your girl. MIGHT.
  5. Oh man I just watched "Crazy Rich Asians" a film I just had no desire to see but since I've pretty much seen every thing I decided to give it a chance and am I glad I did. It was so damn funny and good. What a great film. Two thumbs up!!!! I laughed through out the movie. The characters in this film were funny, I could relate. Just a great movie. Watch it. You will be happy you did. The wifey/girlfriend will like it too.
  6. Hello Gentlemen, If you are as starved for entertainment as I am, I have two movies on Netflix for you to watch. Gerard Butler kicks a** in "Olympus Has Fallen" and then a sequel to that in "Angel Has Fallen" Both were really good. I'm not sure why I never watched them before but I thoroughly enjoyed both movies the past two nights. Enjoy and please feel free to drop a movie on me that you enjoyed. BUZZ'S FANTASY BASEBALL LEAGUE
  7. LOL. Nice. I watched "VICE" last night. It was about Dick Cheney. I enjoyed it. He's definitely a very interesting American. Without getting political, I have to say I really like him if this movie depicts him accurately. I also watched "Hustlers" with Jennifer Lopez last night. Hey, don't judge me. LOL. There isn't much I haven't seen while quarantining. I have to say I enjoyed the movie. I remember this hitting the local news here in NYC a few years back. And honestly, Jennifer Lopez was actually really good in this film. I haven't studied any fantasy baseball as of yet this year. I'm waiting until Opening Day is official before I begin my preparation. Any advice on a good movie, please feel free to post here on this thread. Stay safe Gentlemen
  8. Gentlemen, Netflix has a movie called "Extraction". Check it out. You'll love it. Chris Hemsworth was f ing awesome in it. Stay safe my fellow fantasy baseball players.
  9. BUZZ'S FANTASY BASEBALL LEAGUE I run a league out of NYC that normally has a live auction every year but due to the corona virus, we will hold our auction online this season, if MLB has a season this year. I already run a separate online league but my NYC league will now go online this season too. I'm not sure if I'll have openings or not as I won't reach out to my league members until MLB announces their plans for the season, i.e. opening day. Etc. But those of you who have interest in joining a large money league, feel free to inquire whether your interest is mild or serious. If a spot opens up for this season you will be on the waiting list. And next season, you can attend the live auction we hold annually in NYC. If you're interested in joining an online league for future seasons but can't make it to NYC I do run an online league also. I'm not sure if I'll have openings in that league or not for this season but if you have interest and want to join I will put you on a waiting list for that league. I don't use league safe. Shoot me. And please don't bust my balls about it. Too many of you younger guys seem to have nothing else to do but be a pain in my a$$ about it. Find other ways to use your time. LOL. At my live auction in NYC, for the past 20 years, I collect the league fee at the auction. Obviously with this pandemic we won't hold a live auction this season but we will do an online auction/redraft league Our league's entry fee is $1000 (Yes, per team) We usually have 18 teams. Auction redraft league, Standard 5x5 roto league 12 hitters/9 pitchers/5 reserves To see our rules, text me 718 687 3251 I've been running leagues a long time now I also run fantasy hoops and fantasy football leagues too. To add to my legitimacy I've been posted on rotoworld since 2007 without a complaint. I know many of you see my post regularly. I can be trusted to run an honest league with no non sense and you will be paid the day after the season is over We use CBS as our stats provider 100% payout minus the CBS fee. BUZZ'S FANTASY BASEBALL LEAGUE
  10. I was never a fan of Star Trek with William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy. The show nor the movies. But..........Chris Pine in the 2009 reboot that was directed by J.J. Abrams is so damn good. I loved it. If you haven't already seen it, you must. You'll really enjoy it.
  11. BUZZ'S FANTASY BASEBALL LEAGUE Hello Gentlemen, So I watched "Stuber" last night and it was just ok. The first hour felt like a drag, the last half hour picked up as far as enjoying the movie. So I wouldn't race to go watch it but if you're stuck to find something new to watch then "Stuber" is ok. Anyone have a recommendation for me? I have Netflix, Hulu and Disney+ I read the Red Sox were "only" penalized a 2nd round pick for sign stealing. A first round pick would have been a good kick in the a** for them. Hang in there Gentlemen. Hopefully we and our friends and family all survive this pandemic Buzz
  12. I watched "Dolemite" with Eddie Murphy on Netflix last night and I really enjoyed the movie. If you're stuck at home, like I am, with not much to do, then this won't be a waste of 1:45 minutes. And funny enough, it's actually based on a true story. If you like Eddie Murphy when he's funny, you;'ll like this film I'm about to watch "Stuber" on HBO. I'll give it a "thumps up or down" tomorrow Hang in there every one. Hopefully we'll all make it through this BUZZ'S FANTASY BASEBALL If you have any suggestions please feel free to post it on my thread.
  13. BUZZ'S FANTASY BASEBALL LEAGUE Ok so here's my daily update on what I'm recommending to any of you who are in need of a laugh. On Netflix, I watched the "Mark Twain Award" for Dave Chappelle. Very funny and enjoyable. On Netflix, Neal Brennan Stand Up. He's Dave Chappelle's BFF and his show was really entertaining. Very funny On Netflix, "Cedric the Entertainer" has a stand up show. If you're a fan of Cedric the entertainer then you know he never disappoints. So watch his show and enjoy. Also on Netflix, I watched the "Ronda Rousey" documentary. I give it a "thumbs up" I'm thinking of watching Eddie Murphy's "Dolemite is my name" on Netflix tonight. I will give my opinion on it tomorrow. Stay safe Gentlemen
  14. Thanks HockeyFan77, you too. Stay safe. I have to re submit my review of "Coffee & Kareem" on Netflix. So funny. Sophomoric but very entertaining. I don't see MLB being able to get players to stay in hotels in Arizona to play the season out. That's not going to happen. These ball players are in fantastic shape, feel invincible and they are going to sneak out of the hotels to hook up with women and thus inevitably bring the corona virus back to the club house. I hope they find a cure today and make it available tomorrow.