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  1. BUZZ'S ONLINE FANTASY FOOTBALL LEAGUE I'm recruiting for September 2021 If you're interested in joining a fantasy football league that has an entry fee of $1000 per team, then contact me via text/call 718 687 3251 or by email, edbuzz261@gmail.com You can see our scoring system, rules and prize payouts (top 4 teams) It's a 12 team snake draft, PPR, H2H, decimal point scoring held on CBS You play 2 opponents per week 2 QB's, 3 WR's 2 RB's 2 Flex 1 Tight End 1 D/ST 1 Kicker and 6 Reserves. If you have any interest at all, contact me AND I will send you an invite to join our league as an observer so you can follow along this season to see if my league is one that you'd like to be a part of in 2021 Contact me/let's talk edbuzz261@gmail.com 718 687 3251 Good luck this year. Ed
  2. Did his league have league safe?
  3. BUZZ'S FANTASY BASEBALL LEAGUE I run a couple of fantasy baseball leagues, one out of NYC with a live auction and another with an online auction I doubt we'll have a live auction this season because of covid but we'll switch the auction to online instead of the live event for this season Most of my guys are New Yorkers but I also have a handful of owners across the country Our league fee is $1000 per team in an 18 team league. We're going on 20+ years. I don't keep track. It's an auction redraft (no keepers) sometime in late March 22 active/5 reserves We use CBS Contact me for the rules, format, etc. via text/phone call 718 687 3251 Or Email me at edbuzz261@gmail.com I've been on this site recruiting for many years now. (Since 2007) I'm sure you're quite familiar with my leagues (baseball, football and hoops) If you've been looking for a big money league with no sharks, just average Joe schmoe's then this is it. Think of a league with a bunch of middle aged men raising families or older, ready to retire or retired. Just a bunch of guys who love fantasy baseball and $1000 per team is just to give it some excitement. We are no better than the competitors in $200 leagues. We're just older now and putting a little skin in the game makes it exciting and the top 4 prizes justifies the time we enjoy spending doing this. Give me a call if you'd like. Ask me a million questions. Inquire about joining. You'll be glad you did. Ed Kelly