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  1. Plugging him in over DMont, lets go choo choo!!!!
  2. That sentence in itself states that numbers can lie.
  3. As someone in finance who manipulate numbers in order to tell a story. NUMBERS do lie. Take for example: Coming out of week 2, Andy Dalton had the most passing yards in the league, and John Ross had the most receiving yards in the league. How'd that turn out?
  4. That's the way to go. Take some chances and it may pay off. Good luck
  5. Bittersweet night. I have him, but also played against him. Rather have had him on IR than to do this...
  6. With Trubisky back, can we even deploy Burton this week?
  7. Starting Allen over Wentz, can't trust him against Dallas.
  8. Do we trust this guy for Thursday's match up against the Cowboys?
  9. Snead has been pretty consistent with fantasy points and targets, I think this week he gives a little extra.
  10. Been hearing a lot of people plugging in Morris this week with Breida out, but I can't seem to pull the trigger... I feel like the 49ers will be in an early deficit and the game script won't go his way.
  11. No love for sanu? He had three good outings in a row so far.
  12. Not worried with any of those teams except Jags, but I would still play him.
  13. They also called John Brown a "boom or bust WR3". Pretty sure both will not be a bust... plug em in!
  14. Did not practice today... we worried guys?
  15. I lost Delanie, so I'm burning my #2 on him. But I would hold if I were you.
  16. I'm not too worried about him playing on TNF; especially because he barely played last week. The probably with TNF games is players don't have enough time to rest and heal. I believe he will get his touches, but how he will produce is up in the air.