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  1. I thought all best ball leagues were no in season maintenance? I believe FanDuel is offering best ball leagues this year now that they bought Draft. Im not sure about Yahoo
  2. Im curious if people have any experience playing in best ball leagues. If so, what strategies are reccomended, what platforms are preferred, and is it a format that you enjoyed?
  3. Apologies, i meant to post this in the baseball forum
  4. Im curious if anyone has any experience playing best ball and what general strategies are used, which platforms are preferred, and if its a format you would reccomend.
  5. hi there, im interested, just have a few questions. Email me at redsox32c@yahoo.com thanks
  6. What are the settings? Is it auction? redsox32c@yahoo.com thanks
  7. Link does not seem to be working, wanted to get more info on the settings. Im interested.
  8. Looking for a competitive league with the settings mentioned above. Thanks!
  9. As mentioned in the title, I am looking for a league that has the following settings Yahoo (only) Auction at least 12 teams (would like to try 14 or more) ppr $75-$125ish buy in redraft feel free to shoot me an email if you think you are looking for an active owner in a league similar to the settings I posted. rdsox32c@yahoo.com Thanks, CJ