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  1. Between the Super Bowl goal line pick, and now've gotta wonder if goal line offense is some kind of Twilight Zone for Seattle.
  2. The world needs a Jacob Hollister TD. Really, anything at all would be swell.
  3. All of a sudden this snoozer is a shootout
  4. He really is a Viking. Showing up when it matters least.
  5. The poster boy for the difference between fantasy and reality. This guy is an absolutely horrible real-life QB, yet he'll always be a top 8 fantasy QB due to the immense receiving talent around him.
  6. Cursed by birth location. Literally THE only reason to be a Lions fan.
  7. It's nice to see Jason Garrett getting some more clapping in prior to his being fired tomorrow morning.
  8. Minshewmania is sweeping the nation one last time.
  9. AJ Green is going to be great for whichever team he signs with. For all 6 games that he suits up.
  10. Ever wonder why Fox absolutely refuses to scroll stats on their ticker?
  11. DeAndre Washington tearing it up with that big 2.0 YPC. So glad that I mostly went with him over Damien Williams as my designated cheap guy.
  12. Remember when all of the "experts" were going on about how the Rams were going to be resting all of their starters? Good stuff. Some of us are trying to make a Pick Em push.
  13. Amazing season, the guy is a human cheat code. All the more impressive with some of the NFL's very worst QB play.