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  1. Yeah this is what I'm afraid of. Morris has already been outsnapped by Smith and it's tough to gauge who's going to eat up the Lions share today?
  2. Thank you! I'm kind of leaning that way too, but Perine's situation just seems better. Anyone else that can provide some insight?
  3. No concerns with Dak's recent play causing the Cowboys to fall behind?
  4. Hello all, Thanks for taking the time to check out my post. I'm in a 12 team, .5 PPR league. My roster as currently conducted looks like: QB : Drew Brees WR : Michael Thomas WR : Jamison Crowder RB : LeSean McCoy RB : Carlos Hyde TE : Jimmy Graham W/R/T : Samaje Perine K : Steven Gostkowski DEF : Baltimore Ravens BN : Alfred Morris BN : Jordy Nelson BN : Isiah Crowell BN : Josh Doctson BN : Rod Smith BN : Corey Davis IR : David Johnson I'm open to changing anything in the starting line up on the advice of you experts, but the main one I'm torn about is my flex spot with either Perine or Morris. Perine is in a great spot as the only RB standing against a weak Giants defense, but the Redskins o-line is so bad. Morris on the other hand has a great match up against the Chargers and an improved o-line, but Rod Smith is looming in the background. Please let me know what you'd suggest and as always, WHIR.
  5. Uh they had one of the most explosive offenses ever seen by the NFL......?
  6. Lol don't give him attention. He's the kid on the playground who tries to get people's attention because mommy and daddy hate him.
  7. Is your fantasy league giving you points for posting in here?