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  1. Which would you rather have the rest of the season?? I know both are currently out but wanted to know moving forward
  2. Good luck on your season. Keep helping us with the insight
  3. I'm not tough buy guy should not be talking about water weight. But educate me mam
  4. Extra water weight. Is this a male? Come on
  5. Did his sister say if he is playing tonight?
  6. Not everyone loves Zion. Not really sure y you are on his D. Good for Zion as he is a millionaire
  7. I said it like 4 years ago and have not drafted him since. He is always banged up and is an injury guy.
  8. I'm not sure you can trust Stanton walking without getting injured. But the Sorry Yanks paid him how much??????
  9. Gronk and Brady taking money and building their brands.
  10. He can hobble around the house and continue to check his bank statement. That's not fantasy
  11. And he is a millionaire. The F out of here
  12. Now that's funny. Losing Sutton does not feel so bad.
  13. I drafted this guy high the last two seasons. All done. This is the production I was thinking I was getting for the last two years . He might be doing well because pitchers are dropping like flies. Not sure what pitchers he is doing this against but I'm still done.
  14. He was rushed back. It's still everyone else's fault. Call me victim
  15. Pay this man his money. I don't see the hate for the person who signed this guy. All the leagues will continue to do things like this. It's about the revenue that is coming in. Bottom line
  16. People keep talking about how much of a freakish athlete he is. I am sure there have been thousands of freakish athletes going all the ways back to high school. If he is not available to play then who cares.
  17. How much did he get from them? Have not won since 88
  18. 8 man league. Don't have time to wait and see .Dropped
  19. With only 60 games to play are people focusing on drafting pitchers or hitters. Pitchers pitch every six days and hitters daily. Wondering peoples thoughts
  20. Everyone know he will not live up to the contract. Signed until 40. Dodgers better hope he gives them at least 6 "good years". Good for Mookie, the owners and fans. Everyone wins even if they don't win. Play Ball
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