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  1. Can keep Lamet or Woodruff at the same value. Asking for this year only. Points H2H league.
  2. Julio Urias or Woodruff? For 2020 only. Points league. Both priced at $5
  3. Yes you're right, but mostly expensive/overpriced and near on in the final year of their keeper period of 3 years. Snell at $11 for second year and could keep Glasnow at $12 but kinda scared about their injuries.
  4. 12 team points league 3 keepers (3 years) Thinking of keeping Paddack ($7) and Ohtani P ($2) Should I keep Hiura or Josh Bell, both $5?
  5. I like your chances for this year. Sorry about skaggs btw
  6. No longer NA in Yahoo leagues FWIW EDIT: It's back now. Yahoo playing the rumor game too.
  7. Been riding LeMahieu as my 2B after cutting Dozier. Travis Shaw was just dropped and was thinking of adding him. 12 Team H2H Points league. Thanks!
  8. Mac Williamson hit three homers last night. Per a source, he'll join the Giants in Denver today. Source:
  9. Is he leading off or batting second after eaton? Nats going once again today with eaton batting first. Can Turner's running game be affected by this?
  10. Hi guys, would really appreciate if any veteran points/auction player would help a rook on how to assign dollar values for a custom points league. Batting: HR 4,5 / 3B 3,5 / 2B 2,5 / SB 2 / 1B 1,5 / BB 1 / R 1 / RBI 1 / SF 0,5 / GDP 0,75 / SO -0,75 / CS -1 Pitching: SV 5 / QS 4 / IP 3 / W 3 / CG 3 / GS 1 / K 1 / L -2 / BS -1 / H -1 / ER -1 / BB -1,5 Thanks!
  11. Any information on how long his rehab stint is supposed to last?
  12. Just dropped Dahl for Greg Bird who at least has begun a rehab assignment. So frustrating how little to no news about Dahl's recovery has been made available to the public. Best of luck to you Mrs. Dahl... Hope you got a DL spot at home.