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  1. On the contrary, I think you're a very thoughtful contributor to the basketball talk forum.

  2. My thinking about veteran posters is this: if they leave, good for them. There is more than just a majority of knowledgeable posts in this forum, there is an overwhelming majority. I would have to believe that if veteran posters choose to become inactive, it's because they have a lack of free time. I do not want to chalk it up to "useless posts" because this is the most comprehensive of any fantasy sports forums I've been on. I will say, I'm a young 22 year old guy heading off to law school in the fall. I think the height of my posting days will be during this summer and that's it. When I start posting less, let me assure you, it won't be because of a perceived defect in the posts or a lack of disinterest, it'll simply be because I need to commit my time to something else. I think that's what you see a lot of anywhere you go. I was big into fantasy baseball, went to college, and was pretty much out of it for 2 years. Sometimes more important things just come up.
  3. I hold no respect for those who don't think logically.
  4. The CoC is something I can agree with and DID. The CoC also speaks with reason and judgement. In those such cases, I will be told how to post. An "advance upon the CoC" is strictly opinion, not a rule. In this instance, when I said I'm not going to be told what to post, it was in reference to other users, not mods/admins who uphold the CoC.
  5. Ideally, that would be the case. But to simply say a guy is a free swinger, that's almost as arbitrary of a statement as "he sucks." I do agree with the "just deal with it." Of all the threads in this forum, the overwhelming majority do have much support behind them from the poster. A few don't. It's not that hard to overlook. If there are 5 quality responses and one "he sucks," then why would someone post a response to "he sucks" as opposed to a quality post with much support? It's as if they are looking to argue.
  6. If someone states "he sucks," it's up to you as a user to filter out that response. If you don't like it, then don't respond to it, it's really that easy. And the CoC is something we all agreed to when we signed up. I would think the fact I have an account would infer I agreed to follow the CoC and am not against it.
  7. I think people aren't necessarily negative on this board. I know when I've come across it, it is because someone disagrees. I'm sorry, but this isn't pre-school. You see guys getting "offended" and in a huff-and-puff left and right over nothing. I'm not advocating a "tough skin" approach, but what I am saying is I think people need to be reasonable and have their minds open. In my experience, when I go post on a thread under a certain player, and I don't think he's all that great, I'm going to state so. I've noticed more so than not, users refer to these people as "trolls" and I think that's extremely childish and immature. The thing is when people express their opinions, it's sometimes not good enough for others. I do not believe anybody has to explain their views on any players. While it's nice, it's not a necessity. We are not experts here. I can include as many facts and figures as I want, but I'm not going to force others to do so because even with all the facts and figures, if all of us really knew our baseball, then we'd all be perfect in our fantasy leagues. So if a guy, for example, posts in a player's thread and simply states, "he sucks," I wouldn't go on crucifying him. If no reasons are posted, then it's up to you as a user to filter through what you see is constructive and what you see as not. There's no need to post, "troll" or "you mind giving me a reason?" If they wanted to do so, they would've. A terse response would seemingly indicate an opinion. It's not like these users are telling other users what to post, which I think is the greater offense.