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  1. Problem with watching is everyone else is too. By the time you go to grab him he might already be gone. Don't let others beat you to a guaranteed fantasy victory! RUN DONT WALK!
  2. Tonight's the most exciting night in all of fantasy basketball: Bazemore's regular season debut! You thought VanFleet was good? You thought Danny Green surprised? You thought Lou Williams played out of his mind? Just you wait until Bazemore plays tonight!
  3. He’s easily the most underrated player in fantasy. Every year the so-called “experts” denounce him, and every year he proves us wrong. If you don’t scoop him off the waiver wire, you will forget it. Rodney Hood? More like Rodney who?
  4. Isaiah Thomas was an all star two years ago. He's washed up. Trash.
  5. Yeah, Griffin's FT% is a surprising drag, but I figured I could absorb it because my first 4 picks are all strong on FT%. One reason he ranks so low in roto is high turnovers, but if you turn punt TO on he rises quickly. I also don't have any crazy TO monsters so I figured I could absorb that too. I'm not getting a 9-12 in TO, but hope to get a 4 or 5. Like DeFrozen he's very situational. That being said, he's gold for a Punt FT% team that doesn't need to worry about FT% or blocks. I think Griffin should be going round 3 or 4.
  6. He also has a long history of being trash. Avoid. I wouldn't pay more than $1 auction for this trash.
  7. Since we're talking about our teams (in good forum fashion), I'll gladly talk a bit about mine. My first 6 picks were completely unexpected: 1) Vucevic 2) Beal 3) Porzingas 4) Chris Paul 5) Blake Griffin 6) DeFrozen I knew I would throw people off by picking Vucevic at 9. Honestly I believe this is where yahoo should be ranking him. Lots of people would say I should have picked Lebron here, or Beal, but the stellar season last year and the chance for 80 games played makes him worth it. I think he's a better foundational building blocks than Beal or Lebron. I know Lebron will be motivated, and he'll probably have a great season, but the rest games and age make it tough for me. Honestly I didn't have Beal as an option at number 2. I'm not sure what he was doing still available at pick 16. I had two other targets in mind who were still available, but I just couldn't turn down the value there. There perhaps was some negligence from other owners. Porzingas was always my target in round 3. Wanted those 3's and blocks from the center position with around 20 ppg. Hopefully he delivers. There is definite risk here. I wasn't expecting Chris Paul to be available. He was actually a back-up pick for me to take in round 2. It hurt to take another guy with low FG% here, but I couldn't turn down the value. It was a very tough decision between Paul and a few other guys still available, but since he dropped this far I had to run the risk. Paul is old and never makes it through a season healthy. There is definitely risk here. Also wasn't expecting Blake Griffin to drop to round 5. Deep in round 5 too. This is where Blake should have been drafted last year with all the injury question marks (but he generally went round 4). With his improvement on 3's and excellent season and 24 PPG!, he had no business being available. This pick was a no brainer. I have some reservations about Blake due to age and injury history, but he should provide at least half a season of stellar stats. Does DeFrozen belong in any team comp? I mean this guy pretty much shoots negative 3's. I know why he dropped this far. In this 3-point shooting era you can't really accommodate multiple guys who don't shoot any 3's if you want to remain competitive. Since my first five picks all shoot decent or excellent 3's (with 2 centers who do so), I figured I could take the risk. This move also allowed me to take some lower PPG players in the next 4 rounds and shored up some FT%. I'm not sure people win championships with DeFrozen on their teams, but I'll try. Rest of my picks were filling out my roster to support these first 6 with the necessary stats. Some of them might pan out, others might not. Overall a great draft with some ridiculously knowledgeable folks. Despite what anyone's team looks like now, any of us could end up in first. I'm looking forward to seeing how the season plays out!
  8. 1. Ajax - Tim Hardaway Jr.2. Unluckyshot - Kyle Anderson3. Super Jew - Reggie Jackson4. Trench Mob - OTC5. Simsanityy179 -6. COH -7. Kaboom -8. Styler-9. RDNC-10. Terribleswedes -11. Stifle Tower -12. TOAA - Team Super Jew PG: Stephen Curry (1.3) SG: DeMar DeFrozen (4.10) G: Jeff Teague (6.10) SF: Joe Ingles (8.10) PF: Montrezl Harrell (7.3) F: Terrence Ross (9.3) C Kristaps Porzingas (3.3) C LaMarcus Aldridge (2.10) UT: Brook Lopez (5.3) UT: Thaddeus Young (10.10) Bench: Former #1 Pick Andrew Wiggins (11.3) Bench: Derrick Former MVP Rose Bench: Reggie Jackson
  9. Round 12 1. TOAA - Landry Shamet 2. Stifle Tower - PJ Tucker 3. Terribleswedes - Collin Sexton 4. RDNC - Davis Bertans 5. Styler - Kelly Olynyk  6. Kaboom - Cedi Osman 7. COH - Dennis Schroeder 8. Simsanityy179 - Tomas Satoransky  9. Trench Mob - Derrick White 10. Superjew - Derrick Former MVP Rose 11. unluckyshot- 12. Ajax - Team Super Jew PG: Stephen Curry (1.3) SG: DeMar DeFrozen (4.10) G: Jeff Teague (6.10) SF: Joe Ingles (8.10) PF: Montrezl Harrell (7.3) F: Terrence Ross (9.3) C Kristaps Porzingas (3.3) C LaMarcus Aldridge (2.10) UT: Brook Lopez (5.3) UT: Thaddeus Young (10.10) Bench: Former #1 Pick Andrew Wiggins (11.3) Bench: Derrick Former MVP Rose Bench: