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  1. Let's have further discussions in the future.

  2. Someone's popular!

  3. You know you want me as a friend again.... and to give me 5 stars and advice on all my topics.

  4. Aww I miss u too!

  5. Baseball season will be the reuniting force.


  6. Aw, I couldn't get you up a star...


  7. I got you up to 3 stars!

  8. With ur own blog u will evolve into 7332T.

  9. Two Stars?! What the hell?!

    As of basketball season, I will be starting my own blog on the site. Be sure to read it.. :)

  10. You pretty much rock!!!

  11. Grab a drink and a friend and stay awhile.

  12. I added you, because, well... you're pretty awesome.