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  1. OBJ was most likely on waiver since he missed the first 4 games of the season.
  2. Both him and Russ have that clutch gene. Game on the line you know where Russ is looking and it's not #16.
  3. Looked similar to Gordon Heyward's ankle. He can come back from this. Alex Smith was out there on the field today. Hopefully it isnt as bad as either of those guys.
  4. Points per game: Green Bay 38.0 NYG 11.8 I think you have your answer.
  5. You could say the Packers best draft pick last year was Jordan Love because it unleashed Angry Aaron.
  6. Interesting side note is he spent a bunch of time training with his buddy Kittle. Maybe they worked on his catching and route running because he looked pretty good out there catching and running routes. Seemed like they weren't afraid to send him on some deeper routes as well.
  7. I think most people are hoping for Sony Michel 2018. So a pretty solid flex spot, but will put up some stinkers cause that what Belichik does. He should get atleast a few weeks to show if he's better than Michel/Burkhead. I wouldn't use him till he shows something though.
  8. For all of those that held onto him:
  9. This was the thing that surprised me the most. First time getting to see him for a whole game and had no idea he looked so smooth catching the ball. He carried the offense today. He might just be the fantasy MVP.
  10. The name is 50% of Fantasy Football. The other 50% is luck.
  11. Don't worry. The weapons are coming.
  12. I think in this case, you have to hold Snell as long as you can. Consider this week your get of jail pass if you didn't get Snell. Hopefully the Snell owner will rage drop them after seeing his negative points.
  13. Cam was throwing the ball better than I've ever seen him. These were tight windows he was hitting. He certainly looks like a top 5 QB ROS. Tom Brady on the other hand...
  14. I think Melvin Gordon had a similar MCL sprain in 2018. He was back in 3 weeks. I think it was a grade 2 sprain. Seems like Mostert was a little less serious. I'm hoping for 1 week. 2 at the most.
  15. Prediction: 151 targets, 73 Receptions, 883 yards and 6 TDs. Aka Allen Robinson 2016