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  1. Tampa Bay signs Marcus Mariota in the offseason. Book it!
  2. I think Robert Kraft knows what he needs to do now...
  3. Hey Saquon, so which pick are you going to be next year?
  4. In my case, 3 leagues, the winners had Winston, Mahomes and Lamar. I guess you can win drafting a QB early or late in my case.
  5. I can say one thing for sure, the offseason is alot more fun when you win a championship compared to losing one.
  6. I know Bobby Sylvester of Fantasy Pros was touting Mike Boone since the preseason. You are spot on about being a Jones owner. I walked in those shoes and it was hard not to get wrapped up into the hype machine. With all the marbles at stake for one start and Booneamania going wild you can't help but second guess a little bit.
  7. I'm pretty sure this was AJ's reaction when he finally went on IR.
  8. Lamar Jackson and Aaron Jones. A special shoutout to Kittle and Saquon. Two underperforming studs who showed up when it mattered the most.
  9. Aaron Jones has had 5 games with 4 points or less this year in standard. On paper the matchup favored Boone. Add on that the hype surrounding Boone in the fantasy world, it's easy to see someone second guessing themselves or atleast asking questions in an important game. Boone was an unknown. I think that's what made him such an intriguing decision this week. Same with Perriman.
  10. Down 23 in standard and only Aaron Jones left to go. I feel like KG now. lol.
  11. Congrats to those who rolled out AJ. I will never doubt this man's upside again.