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  1. sounds like wishful thinking to me. Very, very skeptical of them pulling this off and players being OK with this.
  2. Edmonds was my favorite Angels player growing up, so I wanted to pick him, but yeah, he had his best seasons in a Cardinals uniform. Was glad to see him get his ring in 2006
  3. Mike Trout Vlad Guerrero Tim Salmon Jered Weaver First 3 were easy. I went with Weaver but Garret Anderson has a case. Man, not a whole lot to pick from as a fan growing up throughout the 90's to now
  4. Not to mention he got better as the season went on, hitting .295/.360/.451 the last few months. Add in reports of a clear swing change and there's a lot of development that people can't see just on the surface stats alone. The power is blossoming, the speed is already there, and it's a given that he'll be able to stick at SS due to how good he is defensively. Hit tool is the main question mark as of now, with his aggressive approach and some swing and miss. As long as he cuts down the K's(which he did as the year went on), an aggressive approach is fine I was able to nab him with the very last pick(5.16 overall) in my league's MILB draft. Flat 5 round draft every offseason, with close to, or normally above 100 prospects already on rosters prior to the start of said drafts.
  5. Seems everyday we get further and further away from baseball returning
  6. June/July start at the earliest for MLB and any other professional sports league
  7. Yeah, MLB season gonna be suspended. Probably see that get announced later today
  8. Gotta think we're gonna reach a point where the MLB season will be put on hold as well.
  9. Is he hitting there though? Every time I've been looking at ST boxscores, I see him batting 7th a lot with Cesar Hernandez usually hitting 2nd between Lindor/Ramirez
  10. Who is ready for Jose Bautista, shutdown closer?