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  1. Guy needs serious help. He’s going to harm himself or others very soon. His brain likely looks like a bowl of mashed potatoes. Burfict ruined him.
  2. Not sure I could roster anyone with that hair.
  3. He’ll go to the Eagles after Wentz tears his labrum during hot yoga 🧘‍♀️ in the offseason.
  4. He already was a 2 way player last year. He pounded the cheeks of the Pirates and he pounded the cheeks of owners who “streamed” him (hopefully).
  5. This thread had as many replies as this game deserved. The 9th best NFC team snuck into NFC title game and got dismantled the way s*** teams typically do.
  6. Not outplayed Out coached. Packers are f***** this loser coach just won 13 games. Gave mirage that hes a somebody. He sucks. Titans got much better without him. Packers had a cakewalk schedule. First 11+ win team to have more yards against than yards gained in last 20 years. Pussyfooted off a terrible schedule and wound up vastly out coached when it mattered. LaFleur sucks. Sorry Packer fans with first place schedule next year will probably be ugly with training wheels as your coach.
  7. Hawks suck outside their QB. They could of at least put up a fight with superior QB in Wilson over Rodgers. Agree on run D. Packers D sucks.
  8. Good thing about this game is everyone will blame the Packers D. And overlook the massive decline of Errant Rodgers. Without Clete Blakeman this guy is Ryan Tannehill.
  9. Any release from MLB after everything that’s gone in game since early 90s holds zero weight. The whole organization has sold out to the dollar as hard as the most criminal organizations in the world. Turned a blind eye to now MULTIPLE massive cheating scandals at the root of their sport. I think it’s safe to say anything MLB has to say on any matter is as good as the dump I’m about to take. They need to gut the whole commissioners office. Last commissioner with a spine banned a dude for life who bet on his own team to win baseball games. So what Pete Rose did as a manager outlaws him from the hall? When numerous dudes who injected roids are making it? I’m sure in 10-15 years nobody will remember the Astros players having a symphony telling them what pitch was coming and they’ll get in. The whole system is bull****. Mlb can take that statement and shove it up their a**. Probably means it’s more likely Mike Trout is as juiced as Bonds was since they’re commenting on it now.
  10. I would definitely disagree there. With no SBs I don’t see him sniffing top 5 upside. A lot of it’s environment, and surroundings. Some guys like Stanton were meant to sit in Miami in front of 17 fans and hit baseballs. I don’t think he’ll ever be up for the rigors of competing in market like NY. He doesn’t have the personality or backbone. Factor in injury risk, I just don’t see any reason to even target him before 90-100. Zero point IMO.
  11. I agree. I’d certainly like to know more on it as well.
  12. His dad probably reamed him. Outing the chosen one has consequences. There’s been whispers for many years he uses HGH. It’s not like PED use HGH though. My mom has had serious health issues with arthritis over years and she’s been prescribed HGH. If he has a thyroid condition it’s likely he’s prescribed HGH. These are medically evaluated levels. Not Brodie at your local 24 fitness eating a bowl for breakfast and hitting the gym.
  13. Right now he’s going 61 on average. If you’re taking a flier on a plus power bat wouldn’t you rather get Miguel Sano at 134? Only 26, going on 27, coming off a 34 HR season in only 105 games. Stacked lineup. I don’t see any value with Stanton at 61. Hell, Gallo at 80 give me him any day. Unless that ADP goes closer to 90’s-100’s let him be someone else’s problem.
  14. I’m definitely getting behind the Houston dugout seats this year when they come to Seattle and banging on a trash can all game long.
  15. Mariners will provide the batting practice for the 4 clubs ☹️