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  1. Here's a competitive money league on Yahoo.  My roto 5x5 daily league needs one more manager.
    As soon as the 12th joins and pays, I will lock the league and set the draft order. 
    $250 to enter. All held to LeagueSafe. Winner gets $2,000. Second gets $750. Third gets $250. Send me an email and I will shoot you the links. bs_1027@yahoo.com.

  2. i am looking for a very active Roto league. How many do you have in the league? jwalkerus @ gmail
  3. interested does not matter if its dynasty or re draft. it just needs to be a roto league. if so let me know and ill post an email so you can sedn the details
  4. sounds interesting send me the details jwalkerus @ gmail
  5. was in a 20 team roto keeper for 20 years. I quit the league after constant veto of my trades. i am looking for a roto league. Must be roto. like 5x5 or 6x6 will be hyper active. most likely checking 3-4 times daily. looking for trades, looking at waivers. $ or free league. Hoping to join a league that has been around for a few years. post here if you have interest in an active manager.
  6. down 6. full PPR. i have miles sanders and eagles DEF, he has eagles kicker. espn settings. Do i win?
  7. Ty hill and kyler Murray for gurley and locket. 2 rb and 3 wr chubb is my only rb. I’m starting Jordan Howard until/if Melvin plays wr are ty hill, Godwin, AROb, samual sutton te is ok Howard
  8. 12 tm ppr 1 qb league winston is my qb. I give ty hill and get Todd gurley and Tyler Lockett. Thanks. And post a link so I can lend my 2 cents.