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  1. You mean this year? "On December 19, Bell was named to his third Pro Bowl.[113] In addition, he was named as a First Team All-Pro for the second time in his career.[114] The Steelers had locked a second round bye for the playoffs after going 13–3 in the regular season.[115] Overall, he finished the 2017 season with a league-high 321 carries for 1,291 rushing yards and nine rushing touchdowns to go along with 85 receptions for 655 yards and two receiving touchdowns.[116] He was ranked fifth by his peers on the NFL Top 100 Players of 2018."[117]
  2. First week back from injury and he had more touches than any other RB on the team have had all year 17, vs 13 for Burkhead on week 13. Based on week 5 touches and training camps remarks I believe this is his job to lose barring any injuries and/or fumbles.
  3. Cowboys were just pathetic tonight. It felt like they were scared of the Patriots. That last field goal when they were down by 7, with less than 4 minutes to play instead of going for it was the perfect example of how pathetic they were tonight. Dak never looked his way even when he couldn't complete a pass for s---.
  4. Aren't we overlooking the fact that smallwood played 46% of the snaps and 3 targets last week vs 29% for Guice w/ 2 targets and 25% for AP also with 2 targets?
  5. I want to believe in him but he seems like he is playing in pain. It's tough to watch.
  6. Didnt he miss a game winning fg on week 3 and an extra point week 4?
  7. Everyone is talking about him but his numbers from last season are uninspiring. Is he really talented?
  8. He will certainly have the opportunities, 16 targets in the past 2 weeks combined WITH Ross.
  9. Klay Thompson came back to shoot free throws and wanted to stay in the game after he tore his ACL. I believe that adrenaline and the heat of the game sometimes masks the injury. I like the kid and I hate that there is no news on his injury which I consider bad news, so I am considering dropping him cause I have a very shallow bench.
  10. He just got wally pipped after this game
  11. True, Butt whats the problem with that?
  12. 2QB league in here. Any chance this guy becomes the starter? Been looking much better than Kizer.