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  1. I feel hope flowing back through my body.
  2. One of the best insights ever posted in this forum.
  3. You're conflating consumer-level choices with provider-level policies. While it demonstrates an aptitude for rhetoric, I'm not buying the analogy. A more apropos comparison would be as follows: an alcohol manufacturer decided, during this crisis, to allocate X widgets of "alcohol sanitizer" to make booze instead of apportioning it to the production of surgical sterilization supplies. My example also isn't quite 100% accurate, as ElAttrache and his staff aren't widgets, but you get my meaning.
  4. Until we have a vaccine (still an "if") this virus is simply going to be part of our worldwide panoply of health concerns. At some point, even without a vaccine, "herd immunity" will kick in to limit the number of serious cases ... but herd immunity will require a truly scary number of infections before it occurs. Once we have a vaccine it will continue to be a problem in areas without access to the vaccine. I hope the bat soup and/or pangolin stew was worth it.
  5. I'd respect Dr. ElAttrache more if he just said: "I want to get paid and professional athletes are incredibly important people, in contrast to the worthless lives most peasants lead. I don't give two f**ks about our medical infrastructure being strained to the breaking point ... and that includes doctors and nurses dying worldwide, the desperate search for more medical professionals (including schools exploring "early graduation" options to cover the shortfall), and across-the-board shortages of medical supplies. None of that matters to me because Chris Sale is rich and famous and I need to get paid and enhance my reputation." At least if he said that he'd be honest. **I'd also note that he practices medicine in Los Angeles County and L.A. has issued a county-wide guideline that all elective medical procedures are to be postponed indefinitely. ****Further noting that Dr. Tommy John (James Andrews), has postponed/cancelled all elective surgeries.
  6. You gotta love that Chris Sale, during the middle of a CoronaVirus pandemic that's devastated medical infrastructure and left everyone desperate for manpower and supplies, managed to have an elective, non-weight-bearing orthopedic surgery performed on short notice. The rich and powerful live by a different set of rules. Always have, and don't let anyone tell you any different.
  7. It's always kind of annoyed me that Pujols lying about his age has been kind of glossed over when discussing his legacy.* I understand why he did it (mama wanted him to be able to play high school sports and give him a chance at a better life, which would not have been otherwise possible) but the truth of the matter is that it violates a number of laws and is blatantly unethical. The guy "talks the talk" and virtue signals while simultaneously living a lie and collecting millions of dollars based, in part, upon that lie. *Pujols is 2-4 years older than his listed age. I base this not only upon the fact that I have eyes and have seen his high school photograph (I would note that H.S. coaches agree with me as they intentionally walked Pujols over and over again in protest) but also comments that Pujols himself has made in regards to his age.
  8. He wouldn't lift lower body or run for a week or two every time it flared up.
  9. I like the optimism. I was thinking they should start scheduling his wake.
  10. They're being super cagey with the diagnosis, but since it sounds like identical symptoms in both knees my guess is Patellofemoral pain syndrome. While I haven't experienced it myself, I can think of at least one friend of mine who played Rugby in college who dealt with it. If you're susceptible to it you need to improve lower body weightlifting form and strengthen the supporting muscles or you're going to keep aggravating it over and over again. I should also mention I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night.
  11. No, not all injuries are created equal. A pitcher recovering from a torn UCL is fundamentally different from a guy who's missing time with the flu.
  12. That's a pretty big overreaction to generic soreness. Since it is both knees and there's nothing objective that's been reported, I would speculate there's some sort of mechanical source to the problem. If I had to guess, this guy has bad squat form (or some other lower body exercise) and he's overdoing it in offseason workouts.
  13. I think every single regular fantasy baseball owner knew that contract was a godawful abomination from day ******** one, yet somehow Scott Boras managed to get the Padres not only to offer it, but also managed to get them to move Wil Myers the outfield (creating a terrible roster crunch that's still screwing over the franchise) in doing so. Hosmer has some value in deep leagues, but primarily as a util/depth guy. At least he never seems to be hurt.
  14. While I do like the spiciness of this take, risk/reward analysis is pretty fundamental to running a fantasy baseball team. And there are definitely auction prices/draft positions where Stanton and Sanchez absolutely warrant taking the plunge. Judge? To be quite honest, I don't really understand his injury. Is this guy missing the year?
  15. Hitter: Yordan Alvarez Pitcher: Carlos Martinez
  16. We're going to see players take the field in empty stadiums this year, aren't we? If ONE player catches the CoronaVirus it's going to shut that entire team/franchise down for a minimum of two weeks. That seems unprecedented to me in any of the major U.S. sports.
  17. I want you to use this doll to show me how Stanton hurt you.
  18. He looks like what would be produced if Macklemore and Drew Carey had a child together.
  19. John Carl has to be the most volatile batter in recent fantasy baseball memory (this sort of **** happens with pitchers all the time). I wouldn't blink an eye if he ended up only missing a week or two and was a top ten hitter. I also wouldn't blink an eye if it's another lost season for him.