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  1. It's going to go down as a pick-off/caught stealing for Moncada, which will make his SB/CS ratio look even worse, but if that wasn't a balk I don't know what a balk is. **It is overwhelmingly likely I don't understand what a balk is.
  2. Recency bias is a hell of a thing. Paddack has a SIERA/Xfip in the range of 3.3-3.5. That's a much better predictor going forward than his current ERA. Sterling peripherals, of course. Trade him now, you'll get another start from him. It is quite likely, maybe overwhelmingly likely, that you will have benefited from the best 40-50 innings Paddack throws this year. Now, if you're in a dynasty/keeper format obviously the analysis is different, but in redraft? This is a guy you should be trying to trade EVERYWHERE for an established but semi-struggling ace that may actually throw 150+ innings or a big bat.
  3. I was fairly excited while I waited for Yahoo to add him, then I see he didn't play for two straight games. So ... why'd they call him up? Cancelled waiver and will monitor.
  4. What was his Siera last year, 4.25? With declining peripherals and a projected 1.3-1.4 WHIP? As many folks online were commenting, it was sheer insanity that he didn't accept the QO. The 60 million or so of the 90 million dollar deal he rejected wasn't coming back, but he could have at least erased roughly 18 million from the red ink on his ledger. Not fantasy relevant to any degree, IMHO. Alex Cobb showed us what happened last year when guys come back having missed spring training and the situation with Keuchel is even worse. I'd hold Kimbrel, but this guy is a waste of a roster spot (again, IMHO).
  5. Yes, I'm sure some folks are. Looked tempting. I opted to stream Giolito against Cleveland instead. At least Cleveland doesn't have Alonso.
  6. The constant callbacks to his post is a big reason why I kept visiting this forum. Don't stop now!
  7. When he does finish his rehab stint and is in the big leagues, I'm calling it now: he'll be a lot better on the road. Newborn twins at home? Each and every roadtrip is going to feel like a relaxing vacation.
  8. Robles lit up in non-save situation. Closer=confirmed.
  9. My thoughts exactly. When he had that two homerun game (both out of the stadium) where he was popping out of his uniform with aggression I suggested this was the case on reddit. Promptly downvoted to hell, of course, but this is a guy on the fringe of being out of baseball altogether, he's finally hit his arb years, and his attitude and performance are exactly in line with a guy who's decided gear is the way to go.