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  1. Hmm ... I'm going to go with "pretty much nothing" as my answer.
  2. Seems like the prototypical player for '20. ...1920.
  3. A UTIL-only player is essentially a gamble on the health of your team and a calculated risk depending on how shallow your league is. Your team stays relatively healthy all year and you play in a relatively shallow league? The risk of having a UTIL-only player is overblown. Your team has myriad significant injuries and you play in a relatively deep league? A UTIL-only player is going to feel like a goddamn anchor and will represent a constant headache in terms of roster management. YMMV
  4. They have a timetable, they're just not reporting it. As someone who has sprained everything that can possibly be strained (been wight-lifting/powerlifting for over two decades now) I would probably consider the calf to be the MOST difficult muscle to strain. Calves are ******** tough. My assumption is that he has been laying around trying to let his other lower body injuries heal, calves quickly became out of shape, then he thought he could just roll into spring training and resume the routine he had a few years ago. My one significant calf strain that I can recall it took at least a solid month before I was back at 90+%. It was a week or two before I wasn't limping like crazy as my foot's normal range of motion while walking was horribly painful.
  5. Much like Ortiz, Cruz's ability to continue to not just avoid declining, but actually enhance his performance (despite his age), is really amazing.
  6. Seems like I see these conservative timelines over and over again. And for some franchises (Rays come to mind) they play out that way, but not for all. Yordan Alvarez, Benintendi, Bregman, Devers, Lux ... the list is super long of guys who just flat-out performed and ended up beating out the conservative timelines by a year or more (for Devers, probably by at least two years). When a guy is performing like a stud, wait at your peril these days.
  7. Has Ozzie Albies woken up to just how bad his deal was yet?
  8. I think he's been taunting us with tantalizing counting stats for years now, while the atrocious strikeout and contact rates have not meaningfully improved all that much. His position eligibility is nice, but I don't see a clear path to a starting job for him. Guy has always been a mirage and probably will continue to be so. So as a long-time fantasy baseball addict I am, of course, targeting him everywhere and completely willing to pay a premium.
  9. Optioned to the minors? With all their injuries? Seems to me like Andujar is going to end up getting 400ish at-bats as a utility guy.
  10. Byron Buxton is one of a very small handful of players you couldn't be unreasonably surprised at ending up as a top five player for 2020 (20/45 with decent counting stats and a .275 average seems like it's well within his skill-set) despite being drafted after pick 175ish. Unfortunately, this has been the case for several years in a row now. The guy cannot stay healthy. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me four years running, well, I'm a f**king idiot at that point.
  11. Teams will never, ever, ever learn, will they?
  12. I was wrong about David Ortiz being washed up a couple of times!
  13. Right calf strain? Wasn't it his right knee that was injured last year? Hmmm....
  14. This guy and Jon Singleton are the poster boys for why "Betting on Yourself" isn't always the best career decision. Sometimes, when the money is there, you grab it with both hands.
  15. Isn't Muncy primarily going to be manning first base? Not sure why his extension effects Lux all that much ... I have assumed Lux will be the starting second baseman assuming he doesn't crap the bed in spring training or get injured.
  16. We don't care about him either way?
  17. If this was the "worst" thing that could happen to him Bora$ wouldn't have had him do it.
  18. You gotta love the way Paxton handled this. Pitchers and catchers were due to report on February 13, 2020 for the Yankees. After enjoying his entire offseason, he has this surgery on February 5, 2020, basically a week before he was due to report (probably would have had to start packing or handle logistical issues over the next week, so this basically maximizes the amount of time he misses from Yankees-related obligations). This is Paxton's last year under team control. He'll be a UFA after this season. By basically waiting until the last possible second -- what, you're going to tell me he didn't know he probably needed surgery until a week before Spring Training??-- he accomplishes the following: 1.)Was able to enjoy his entire offseason without needing to undergo surgery or rehab from it 2.)Gets to rehabilitate on company time (Shaq would love this) 3.)Makes it less likely that the Yankees extend the qualifying offer (a major coup) 4.)He'll save the wear and tear on his arm going into his UFA, and he'll still have a month or two to show he's healthy when he comes back. 5.)He'll still get his full salary for 2020. I mean, this was brilliantly handled from Paxton's end. I know Paxton had some arbitration kerfuffles with the Yankees, so he probably doesn't feel he owes them much, but he REALLY shafted the franchise with his timing. This amount of magnificent selfishness (I don't begrudge him, it's a business) probably meant someone smart was whispering in his ear. I wonder who his agent is ...*Overlord checks sportrac.com* ... oh look, it's SCOTT BORAS!!!
  19. I mean, I don't like Price, but I don't see how the situation isn't a major upgrade for him.