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  1. Moving from the AL East (and out of that bandbox) to the NL West (particularly when you're on a team that doesn't have to face the Dodgers) is a "slight uptick?"
  2. Has Albies fired his agent yet?
  3. In regards to playing time I can assure you of one thing: the Angels will continue to trot what's left of Albert Pujols out there on a regular basis no matter how much worse he gets.
  4. How about this, can you imagine being a billionaire member of an oligopolistic cartel whose business revenues are in the tens of billions a year yet somehow you are able to convince government officials to massively subsidize your profits from public coffers? Sweet deal!
  5. You including anything to the right of the decimal point?
  6. While I haven't checked, I would think that would rank him about the 25-30 range for hitters and probably 40-50 overall. Which, you're right, is pretty darn good, but it isn't at "bREaK cONtrAcT ReCORds" level.
  7. Fifteen? I think I'd be well into the 30s before Votto started to appear on my radar.
  8. This case came down to the burden of proof. "Clear and convincing" isn't as high as "beyond a reasonable doubt," but it's pretty darn high. It's very, very difficult to meet such a high burden of proof via circumstantial evidence alone. You would need some type of "smoking gun" testimony or documentation. Bryant obviously loathes the Cubs organization, but I'm thinking he may really, really regret not signing that extension. What he was last year seems like what he's going to be.
  9. Unspecified "pool accident?" *cough* alcohol/horseplay *cough* Going to have to fade him heavily. Without further information I am wary of keeping him at this point. "Near the beginning of the season" can easily turn into a May/June appearance with lingering issues for months after.
  10. He's going to be, what, 37 ... and coming off of two pretty terrible years (particularly when you consider he's only eligible at 1B and offensive numbers skyrocketed last season).
  11. Outlook for the 2020 Miami Marlins? Hmmmm......
  12. Bregman and Altuve honestly need to keep an eye out all year long for chin music. I realistically expect multiple bench clearing brawls specifically involving those two POS cheaters.
  13. I don't know how he'll do in terms of hitting a baseball, but I'm thinking he's the obvious frontrunner for powerlifting MVP of the American League. Wouldn't surprise me if the Yandy-man could muster a 1200-1300 pound squat/deadlift/bench total.
  14. With how many guys seem to be hurt these days, I am hard-pressed to find even ONE "DL stash" that I'm even mildly enthusiastic about. I needed each and every one of those slots pretty much the entire last two seasons.
  15. Buy: Young hitters (generally, under 30), young pitchers with more than a K an inning and good underlying peripherals (ignoring ERA and wins) Fade: Old hitters (generally, over 30), old pitchers (generally, over 30), any pitchers who are under a K an inning and have dodgy underlying peripherals (ignoring ERA and wins), pitchers with any semblance of soft tissue injury problems (if a guy takes a liner and breaks a bone it is completely different than a guy who keeps missing time for strains/sprains/tendinitis/whatever). **Once a player gets his big free agent payday, lean heavily into placing him in the "old" category.
  16. This guy contracted a terminal case of justgotpaiditis. You've been warned.
  17. It's worth noting that Sanchez is looking to earn his ARB2 money this season. He's also only two years away from unrestricted free agency. Money can be a hell of a motivator.
  18. I think you're right. So I'm leaning towards them not having him start on a regularly basis.
  19. I'll be curious to see if the Asterisks set a record for hit batters.
  20. Stanton is the biggest potential draft profit amongst "known" players, bar none. For leagues who are drafting early the gap is even wider as people may be cautious until he's out there in Spring Training for a while.
  21. The powers-that-be in baseball have tried to minimize, ignore, or sweep under the rug this issue and it only keeps getting bigger. And for good reason. Other than the Black Sox and Donaghy scandals, it's the biggest cheating problem I can think of in major professional sports. Now we're finding out Bregman, Altuve, and possibly other players wore buzzers? And they're not facing year-long suspensions at minimum? The integrity of the game itself over the past three years is seen as a complete joke at this point and Manfred is clueless as to how to restore confidence. Which should have started with vacating the 2017 World Series title and just naming the Yankees the AL Champion and the Dodgers the NL Champion and not having a WS champion for 2017. The PEDs issues are a completely different kettle of fish Those are individual players cheating the system to try to perform at a higher level; it's atrocious and they should be ashamed/punished/whatever, but they still have to go out there and actually play the game of baseball with their own bodies according to the rulebook. Electronic cheating methods? You're subverting the fundamental nature of the sport itself.
  22. I think MLB put an employee in their video room.