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  1. Just consider the following: 1.)Turns 30 early in the season 2.)Had BY FAR his career year in his free agent year (it's not even CLOSE) 3.)Just got a massive 7 year contract that is 100% guaranteed assuming tragedy or horrific stupidity doesn't strike 4.)Is not only switching leagues, but is switching coasts 5.)Over six full years (during his 20s when he should have been in the best shape of his life and when he was working towards a massive payday) he averaged close to 26 missed games a year. 6.)Given his age and the performance trends in MLB in the "post-roids" era, this will likely be the last significant multi-year contract he ever signs 7.)Has already won a World Series Seems like an absolute prime candidate for the dreaded malady of Justgotpaiditis(tm), to me. I mean, I live in Orange County and would love for him to dominate, but he's got an asterisk next to him on my draft list. It's not as big of an asterisk as I'd hang over the 2017-2018 Astros and Red Sox, but it's pretty sizable.
  2. I'm curious about predictions for the entire season, not just the first half.
  3. It took, I don't know, a few decades and well over a dozen draft mistakes, but after Machado last year I finally once and for all learned my lesson on how to properly diagnose and subsequently avoid players who are overwhelming candidates to contract Justgotpaidits. Rendon is near the top of the list, if not at the top, of contracting this frustrating and irritating malady.
  4. I was being facetious, but thank you for the insight nonetheless!
  5. Huh. You thinking MVP year is incoming?
  6. I don't like the three batter rule. What baseball really needs to do in order to speed up the game is radically cut down on commercials, put the pitcher on a strict clock, and get rid of almost all of the exceptions to the "don't leave the batter's box" rule. If you swing and don't make contact you shouldn't be "rewarded" by getting to do a mini-lap, adjust every single item of gear you're wearing, and then mosey back to the plate. The roster/dl changes are fairly benign and seem to be designed to prevent "gaming"/abusing the 10 day DL. I have no idea how the "position player" rule is supposed to work, in practice. Are players grandfathered indefinitely if they qualified as "two way" players at any point before this rule was implemented? Is it 20 pitching starts or 20 pitching appearances (along with plate appearances) to qualify as a two-way player? Seems like there is a typo there. With the limits on the number of pitchers you can roster I had a feeling that the league expected position player appearances to absolutely explode in 2020 and want to limit the potential for injury ... I think they were definitely right!
  7. This is so much worse than a black eye for baseball. It throws into doubt the integrity of years of results and erodes fan confidence that they are watching a fair product. I mean, it's all bread and circuses anyway, but the least they can do is ensure that the teams play by the rules. [...]
  8. What are we thinking in terms of Felipe Vaszuez's ADP next year in "burning in hellfire" leagues?
  9. As a second baseman, probably around 120-150 in redraft, maybe 100-120 in keeper. As a third baseman, complete afterthought.
  10. Sixty-nine homers, four-hundred and twenty OBP.
  11. Yordan in the fifth? Pick up Trout in the second and Acuna in the third while you're at it. Maybe reach for Verlander in the eighth.
  12. More like Edwin Encarnacion was the first Eugenio Suarez. Since Suarez can actually field his position competently.
  13. Watching Stanton rot in my DL slot this particular season has really hurt. In that stadium, with a year in the AL under his belt, with the juiced ball ... I'm guessing we would have seen 60 as a floor.
  14. The juiced ball has made this easily the least enjoyable fantasy baseball season from a pitching perspective that I can remember. It isn't easy due to the settings in our league to go to all relievers, but I wish I'd tried to make that switch anyway once this absolute ****show became apparent.
  15. Devers wanted to send a message to jhsong.
  16. Why are you limiting him to first half numbers?
  17. If he had SS eligibility as well I might have some interest.
  18. He needs a "good August" to "solidify him as a 2nd-round pick next year" and a "1st round pick in dynasties" .... ???? In what ******** universe is 22-years-old-for-the-rest-of-the-season Devers NOT a first round pick in dynasty leagues? Are you referring to two team NL-only set-ups? Motown Magic, is that you? Also not sure how he isn't a first rounder in redraft leagues, but okay.
  19. *Laughs in Yahoo Standard Eligibility Leagues*
  20. Rolling out with the utmost confidence.